Tips You Can Use to Overcome Fear of Driving

Driving Fear

Being afraid to drive can be very debilitating and affect your lifestyle in many ways. If you are afraid to drive you are in good company because there are millions of people that have driving phobia which places restrictions on their lifestyles. Although you suffer from debilitating symptoms when you try to get behind the wheel there are many ways that you can overcome fear of driving.

Like other fears that you have which are connected to panic and anxiety, the fear of driving is part of this cycle and the mental and physical distress that you suffer when you fear driving a car can be reversed like other fears associated with anxiety. Some of the following tips should be helpful with helping you overcome fear of driving:

How Fear and Anxiety Can Fool You

The fear or anxiety you feel when you get behind the wheel does not mean you are crazy. Instead it is an indication that something triggered your fear of driving and your anxiety has taken over and fooled your brain into producing fearful thoughts associated with driving.

See if you can recognize exactly what makes you afraid to drive. For example, you may have been in an accident or perhaps you had a panic attack while driving. These types of experiences condition your brain to think fearful thoughts, so the key is to reverse this process to prevent being fooled by the fear and anxiety that dictates your life. If you know the root cause of why you are afraid to drive you can take the actions required to change the conditioned response that results from something that occurred in the past while you were driving.


Although your fear of driving may cause you to feel like you are all alone there are many self-help materials available that help people to overcome fear of driving. The fact that there are many resources available will tell you that there are many people who have been through the same symptoms of fear and anxiety while driving a car.

You can discover many self-help resources in your local bookstore as well as a wealth of resources on the Internet.The resources can range from helpful books on how to overcome fear of driving to complete self-help programs that will guide you through the process of overcoming your fears.

Driving School

You may be under the impression that driving schools are for beginners. The fact is that many driving schools have programs to help people overcome fear of driving. They recognize the fear as a real issue that must be dealt with and they provide professional instruction that helps people push through their fears on the road.


Seeking help from a psychotherapist may help you to recondition the thought processes that are causing you to fear getting behind the wheel. Psychotherapy is also known as cognitive behavior therapy and helps you to recondition your thoughts by mentally placing you in the situation that causes fear and then helping you to work through those feelings. Over a period of time this conditions you to reduce your fears of getting behind the wheel.

Virtual Simulation

Due to new innovations in technology it is possible to overcome fear of driving through a computerized simulation that allows you to practice your driving skills without actually getting behind the wheel of an automobile. The simulation process can create real life driving situations which allow you to practice the situations you fear in a safe environment. The system is relatively new and quite costly so you would need to check on location and availability.

Professional Help

If suspect that your fear of driving is related to your anxiety disorder you may also want to seek the advice of a mental help professional who can prescribe medications to help you cope.If you can get a hold on the anxiety this will make it easier to manage your fears associated with driving.

There are also a host of other methods you can use to learn about your fear, learn what your options are, and where to seek help. If you are persistent you can overcome your fear of driving and perhaps eliminate the fear altogether.

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