The Venus Factor Review

The Venus Factor

Venus Factor is the first weight loss plan specifically designed for women. It combines a diet plan with a targeted exercise regimen that is designed to attack the typical areas in which women store fat.

After pregnancy, belly fat is the obsession of women. The waist is not only slim but also makes you lose confidence.

The core concept of the venus factor is the Venus Index. It will help you determine your ideal venus index ratio and make a decision about whether you need to gain or lose weight.

This program offers a natural way to lose weight and focuses on the core physiological differences between a man and a woman’s metabolism.

In this review, I will share what I learned about this program. What are its ups and downs and why venus factor by John Barban got my attention!

Who is John Barban?

Venus factor is the creation of John Barban. He’s a professionally certified nutritionist, world-class expert in diet, biology, and physiology.

This program offers a natural way to lose weight and focuses on the core physiological differences between a man and a woman’s metabolism.

One important thing is that this program gives you access to personal training sessions with John Barban himself. You can call and ask questions in advance.

What is the Venus Factor System?

The venus factor program will help you dropping a few pounds or getting in better shape, without having to spend time on the gym. The plan would be to target hormones that increase appetite.

Weight gain is often a problem related to Estrogen. So, it’s no wonder then why women are at the receiving end of this. In general, you will see weight gain after pregnancy in women. Eating habits also fall apart.

Therefore, something is needed to control the appetite so that your weight gain does not wreak havoc on your system. So there has to be a safe way to break this resistance so that you can lose weight, right?

One of the main components of this program is the leptin diet. The leptin diet is designed to reduce the level of leptin resistance in your body.

How Does The Venus Factor Work?

One of the main reasons why women lose or gain weight is because of a compound called leptin in their system. So whether you will be fat or lean depends on whether your body is resistant to leptin or not.

Leptin is a hormone that regulates various metabolic processes, appetite, and fat storage in the body, which ultimately determine how much fat you can have in the body.

This particular hormone plays a crucial role to regulate the human body’s metabolism. Weight loss happens faster if the metabolism is more active and burns calories at an increased speed. Then controlling leptin levels is at the core of this program.

A woman’s body reacts differently to leptin as compared to men. It’s a known fact that obese and overweight women tend to have a resistance to leptin. That is why women will often gain weight even though fasting continues.

Therefore, in my opinion, the venus factor is just one of the best products when talking about a woman’s need. It will help you control your Leptin levels in your body. It combines the leptin diet with a workout schedule.

What is Leptin?

Leptin is a hormone that controls hunger and that feeling of fullness. It produced by the fat cells in your body. Women generally create more leptin than men.

Leptin resistance occurs with obesity, so your body does not recognize the presence of leptin. Makes you feel hungry even after eating. Leptin resistance causes you to eat more and your body to expend less energy.

This diet plan was created to break this cycle. Reduce leptin resistance and improve the chances of losing weight.

5 Rules of the Leptin Diet

  1. Stopped eating after 7 PM (finish eating 3 hours before bed)
  2. Eat three meals a day (5-6 hours between meals)
  3. Do not eat large meals (go for slightly less than full)
  4. Eating a protein-rich
  5. Reduce your carbohydrate intake

Besides that, it’s important to eat the right foods. You have to eat more protein and fiber. Fiber helps flush out the excess fat. Drinking plenty of water, avoid sugar, soda, and eating the whole fruit.

What does the Venus Factor Program do to Your Body?

One of the most important things before buying weight loss programs is that it varies for your body. You should be aware of what the venus factor program will do to your system before you begin using it.

The venus factor combines the leptin diet with a workout schedule. It boosts the energy levels of your body. Makes you feel more active when exercising longer than 60 minutes.

The extra snacks one eats during late-night hours or throughout the day contribute to 55% added body fat. This product suppresses the untimely cravings of the human body.

It prevents any weight loss plateaus from happening. The process of weight loss will not stop and will continue gradually.

It boosts the leptin hormone level in your body. So that it can help increase your metabolism and which will consequently trigger faster burning of fat.

What are the Risks?

As with any dieting or exercise program, there are risks involved. Of course, there are physical and psychological risks involved.

You will want to be sure to prepare for workout sessions by being sure to stretch. You will also want to monitor your body during exercise.

Don’t push yourself too hard. Warm-up and cool down right for physical activity. It helps to prevent muscle strain or injury. If you hurt yourself, stop, and seek medical attention.

You may be tempted to snack between meals. Drink a glass of water instead. You may also be tempted to eat large portions during meals.

Good self-control is a must with this program. You have to keep yourself positively motivated. Do it for the right reason: do it for you. You will see the results!

What are the Results?

The venus factor was designed to downplay the risks and highlight the results. Results vary from individual to individual.

The main thrust behind the plan is to reduce leptin resistance and control leptin levels in your body. If you are carefully monitoring your diet, your body will have to burn off fat stores to produce energy.

The plan also designed to control the amount of fat causing the food you eat. Then, the exercises will burn off even more of the fat stores you already have. These exercises are designed to target areas of fat stores that are specific to women.

They provide the combination punch of reduced leptin and high energy exercises calculated to burn fat effectively and quickly. In doing this, it could be considered the best way to lose weight.

The result is that you will lose weight rapidly. Even you will keep it off.

What Do You Get With the Venus Factor System?

This book is available in hard copy as well as e-book. Along with the program book, you get a DVD for 12 weeks of workout series. They also include a virtual nutritionist available to address all your questions.

There is also a user-friendly app included which helps you to keep track of a few basic things like steps you take per day and your total calories per day.

Main Manual

The Main Manual describes how to use the Venus Index Ratio to determine your ideal weight.

Workout Manual

It is a 12-week workout plan. The manual includes step-by-step instructions along with links to videos that demonstrate the workout.

Forum and Chat Room

You will get a VIP membership after joining them. It will be to ask to connect and share your own experiences.

If you are tired of dieting, cutting, and losing weight, this program is something you have to see.

Pros Of The Venus Factor

  • All workouts are available in videos making it easy to follow.
  • It works for any fitness women.
  • This program is not just about losing weight. It is about getting into the best shape possible.
  • You don’t need to stay away from your favorite food.
  • You will have access to personal training via the internet.
  • No need for expensive equipment.
  • There is a money-back guarantee if you do not see results.

Cons Of The Venus Factor

  • Just work for women, so if you are men, this program is not for you.
  • You must work hard, be dedicated, and stick to the program. Remind yourself that you are worth the effort.
  • This book is quite detailed and extensive.


The venus factor will highlight the best way to take control of your leptin levels to be able to allow it to burn up your persistent body fat for good.

John Barban developed this program for women. The program is making women feel more confident and happier. Women can weight loss quickly and easily.

It is a perfect weight loss plan for women who are ready to make changes. There is also a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you have to buy the program in peace.

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