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Panic Away By Joe Barry

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Panic Away Reviews

Ever been panic stricken? Panic attacks can literally very debilitating. You do relate, right?

If you happen to suffer from panic attacks, this is a fact that you are well aware of. As a matter of fact, this is an understatement.

A number of panic sufferers are restricted to only particular situations, only certain people’s company, their homes, their neighborhoods, their beds.

We are well aware of the exact awfulness, embarrassment, fright and physical discomfort that is associated with a panic attack. Often, you want to run away.

We are all aware of the frightening thoughts such as; “Am I going to get a heart attack?”, “What if the anxious attack continues on and on without ending?” “Will I faint in the presence of all of these people?” “What if I become crazy?”

We also know how upon your coming out of the other panic attack’s side, you always somehow get the feeling of being a failure. It is as if the enemy was the panic attack and you went on to throw in the white flag.

In all honesty, it is quite frustrating to say but the least and generally terrifying.

After certain intervals, an idea that is really revolutionary comes to you. An idea that can be helpful to anxiety sufferers…not in one week, not in one month, but right at the very moment the anxiety is taking place.

When you get to read, Panic Away: How to End Panic Attacks and General Anxiety Fast, my feeling is that the author has latched onto an idea just as such.

Let us take a look at what there is as far as the book is concerned…

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About Joe Barry’s Panic Away

Panic Away is a program that was developed by a guy by the name Joe Barry…his full name being Joe McDonagh. He came up with this program in order to assist people from all corner of the globe in dealing with anxiety they may experience and stay away from panic attacks.

It is worth noting that this is a topic in which he is attuned personally. This is since he himself realized that he was also prone to the issue from his youngster ages.

The hatred he had towards his lack of power led him down the path to finding natural means of treating himself. Treatment that does not necessitate the dependence on medications that most often than not are too expensive to the sufferers.

The details that you are going to come across in Panic Away are quite decent. The book contains well above 70 chapters and also a number of sub-chapters. However, these sub-chapters are quite brief and serve as supplements to the main program. They cause no harm to the readability of it though.

The focus of panic is on how the way of approaching anxiety is not with the mentality of having to ‘overcome’ or ‘fight’ it.

On the contrary, the approach by Barry is that you need to come to the realization that your feelings are not the enemies you have. Also, you require to embrace your feelings for you to prevent them from becoming so cumbersome.

Initially, it might be sounding somehow crazy. Nonetheless, it is this sort of unorthodox approach that I am convinced brings the effectiveness of the system about.

Joe Barry : The Creator Of The Program

On his roots, we get that Joe Barry is an Ireland native. He was able to create his anti-anxiety plan at the time which he was pursuing his studies at the University College of Dublin. A university whose competitiveness is quite high.

The thought he had on panic disorders and anxiety were so groundbreaking. This got them to actually being published in the year 2001. Despite the success, it is however important for you to realize that in this review, he is not a psychologist or a psychiatrist…at least he is not one with a certification.

The personal experience he had of suffering panic attacks, more so during his years in college, are the ones responsible for driving him towards the refinement of his anxiety-treating methods.

Presently, we find that these treatments for anxiety are also featured on Amazon.

Content Of The Program

The stages are what make up the Panic Away program. The three are;

  • Trust
  • Acceptance
  • Persistence

Each and every stage warrants you a chapter of its own. All the chapters have an explanation, in-depth instructions and case studies in real life.

Also explained in the book is that majority of the techniques of managing anxiety are aimed on a Band-Aid approach: symptoms relieve. In contrast, the author says that this program of his is able to work at the source giving a relief system that is more long-term.

Most of the methods that I researched on involved overcoming or ‘fighting’ the anxiety. However, Panic Away remains adamant on how your feelings are not necessarily the enemy. This is together with how the feelings can be embraced for, paradoxically, making them cease being a bother.

Contained in the eBook are above 70 chapters along with sub-chapters. Some are quite brief making the PDF even more readable. On top of this, an introduction is also available.

The gamut of triggers of anxiety are run by the chapters. This is including fear of flight, Barry’s C.A.L.M approach, generalized anxiety disorder and also how to deal with obsessive-compulsive disorder abbreviated as OCD.

The “One More” technique is also given by it. This Barry says are able to work for not only anxiety but also for other issues.

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Pros Of Panic Away

  • Reading of the program is quite easy. At the same time, you are offered information that is solid scientifically. An awesome balance is stricken by the author in this way.
  • Situations from real life are presented that are particular…when panic strikes you in a car, on a plane, when on foot, etc.
  • Words are not wasted by the author. ‘Filler words’ are not included in the eBook. The information contained is full as also solid.
  • When you compare this program to other methods, you are going to realize that this here is quite affordable. It is going to save you a lot of money.
  • The method is really effective to the greater majority of people that have actually tried it. Positive testimonies and reviews are offered by them ruling about doubt of it being a scam.
  • 60 day money back guarantee. In the event, following your purchase of the program, it proves ineffective, or different from what reviews say, you can be refunded. However, this has to be within the 60-day window that has been provided.

Cons Of Panic Away

  • All the claims that are made by the author cannot all be validated. His promise is that the techniques are effective to each and every one without exceptions. The claim is too strong to be made by anyone in any situation.
  • No plan has been offered by the author as back up. This is the result of his having too much confidence in the program. Most often than not, no matter how perfect a program is, there is ‘those cases’ where it is ineffective.

Where you can buy Panic Away?

Panic Away is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

Generally, this is a program that is worth every minute you spend reading and every buck spent to buy it. Addressed in it is real science and speaks to almost all situations you might find yourself in.

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Panic Away By Joe Barry

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