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Old School New Body Reviews

Are you struggling to achieve your weight loss goals and keep yourself fit as you get older? Are a lack of time and your prior commitments preventing you from unlocking the full potential of your body? Is your busy schedule keeping you from taking better care of your body and remaining healthy all the way into your golden years?

If you answered yes, you definitely aren’t alone. Millions of people around the globe find themselves in this precarious situation as they grow older and lose the vibrancy of youth.

For most people, they have accepted that as they age, their bodies will give up and become weaker, perhaps even sicker, and more unfit. Sadly, this belief prompts them to stay away from active exercise and dietary changes that may help in combating the signs of ageing.

Additionally, when it comes to those who are above the age of forty, there are many changes that the body undergoes, making it more difficult to get closer to fitness.

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What Can You Expect With the Old School, New Body?

The people behind the Old School, New Body program recognized this challenge of a shortage of time to exercise or maintain a healthy diet and set out to find a solution. This program promises to deliver tangible results without requiring a heavy time-investment on your part.

By following the recommendations, principles and lifestyle changes given in this program, the creators claim that you will get maximum results in the least amount of time. They promise to help you achieve the slim body you’ve always coveted, but which has always been out of reach for you.

But, does this program deliver up to its promise? What are the basic principles, recommendations and lifestyle changes that this program recommends? Is it really worth investing in Old School, New Body?

In this article, we’ve tried to evaluate this product and its claims in an unbiased and in-depth manner. Before you decide to buy the Old School, New Body program read our review to learn the advantages and disadvantages of this product.

Old School, New Body Review: An Overview

In the simplest of words, the ‘Old School, New Body’ workout can be described as a type of resistance workout with a low to moderate weight usage and a high fatigue setting. These are then combined with some simple, yet effective nutrition tips. The resistance training workouts are useful when it comes to building lean muscle, burning fat, and strengthening the joints.

It also helps in increasing the production of human growth hormones in the body, while even slowing down the ageing process to help you reshape your body. Regularly performing these workouts have also been linked to healthier joints and muscles.

The workout routines use moderate weights, as opposed to heavy ones. Additionally, they are based on the principles professed by the old school star-trainer, Vince Gironda. The methods used by this ‘trainer to the biggest stars’ have been condensed into some basic principles and combined into something called the ‘F4X Protocol’.

This F4X Protocol and system make use of moderate weights for reduced stress to the joints and high muscle fatigue for increased intensity. Such a unique workout acts as an effective system for those over the age of 40 (and even for people as old as 60) to maintain healthier joints and stronger muscles.

In short, this is a perfect example of resistance training and will require you to work with weights, kettlebells, dumbbells, or even your own body weight. However, these come at later stages. In the Old School, New Body program –book, the basic workouts don’t require you to invest in any weights.

Moreover, rather than fretting over the types of weights to use, focus on the underlying principle of the training.

Most Millennial women don’t have a problem with weight-training. Many of them have embraced lifting as a way of life. However, with older women, there is a certain degree of apprehension when it comes to weight training. They usually worry that training with weights; especially not light ones, may lead to them gaining bulk.

However, that’s not true at all. Resistance weight training won’t necessarily give you the physique of a bulky, pumped-up female bodybuilder. It will instead help your body get stronger, leaner, fitter, and more toned.

Who Created the Program?

The Old School, New Body Program has been created by Steve and Becky Holman. Steve is famous as the Editor-in-Chief of Iron Man Magazine. This publication is considered one of the most popular and respected magazines in the world of fitness.

It was also the first magazine of its kind in the world. Becky is a regular contributor to the magazine, writing on lifestyle and nutrition.

Steve has been weight training since the age of 15 when he weighed no more than 119 pounds. The now father-of-two has been training for over 35 years now. Apart from the fact that he has professional and personal experience with training and fitness, he has also interviewed some of the best names in the fitness industry.

Some of these celebrities include Cory Everson, Lee Labrada, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Additionally, Steve has written almost 20 books on topics like nutrition, diet and weight training.

Becky was mostly fit throughout her early years. However, when she gave birth to her daughters in her 30s, things changed. The dramatic lifestyle changed caused her to gain a sizable amount of weight, and by the time she hit her 40s, she wanted to change and break away from this destructive cycle.

Her transformation was genuinely radical and only took a few months of dedicated hard work and the F4X method.

The Two Types of People In Gyms

Before we can get into explaining what the Old School New Body workouts are like, it is necessary that you understand what type of exercises are considered ‘correct’ in this program. If you were to pop into any gym in the country right now, the chances are that you’ll see people that belong to either one of these two categories.

1: People who use light weights and rest for longer intervals between sets. Such people end up getting a small fraction of the results that they could be getting if they increased the pressure as well as the intensity of their routine.

2: People who use (dangerously) heavy loads and don’t rest enough between reps. Such people end up risking permanent injuries or joint damage and over-stress their bodies, damaging the immune system. This is detrimental to any fitness goal.

So what’s the right option then?

You surely have to expend effort when you work out, but this effort has to be a cumulative action. So, for the best results and lowest risk of injury, your workout routine should induce high muscle fatigue, not joint-harming weight.

This is why the F4X system’s resistance weight training program is so useful. The routines generate cumulative muscle fatigue that helps tone the body and build healthy muscle without causing any injuries. F4X stands for the ‘Focus-4 Exercise’. As mentioned before, it makes use of moderate weight for generating resistance and creates high-intensity muscle fatigue.

What Do The F4X Workouts Contain?

The ‘Focus-4 Exercise’ system is pretty straightforward. This program contains three different workout routines that are customized to help you achieve three different fitness goals. Each of the three workout routines includes the same four core exercises. These core exercises are –

  • Inclined Presses
  • Squats
  • Upright Row
  • Bent Over Row

These four core exercises are specifically included in Old School, New Body as they work wonderfully and extremely effective when combined. Needless to say, the FX4 system doesn’t want you to experiment with any fancy or complicated workout style. That’s where the ‘old-school’ part comes from.

The simple exercises focus on the body’s major muscle groups, producing enviable results. Each workout lasts for a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes will be needed to complete any routine.

The three different workout routines that are part of the F4X protocol include –

First Workout Routine – The Old School New Body F4X Lean workout

The first workout routine in this program starts out slowly. Hence, it is perfect for newbies in the fitness field. If you’re just starting out on a healthier path, this program may be perfect for you. First off, this routine introduces the user to the F4X training method which is an important step.

Additionally, the plan design is such that you will lose maximum excess fat to and build lean muscles. F4X Lean will also help you tone your body’s muscles while ensuring that your body gets accustomed to resistance training workouts.

This first part of the Old School, New Body protocol is also known as the “20 Minute Fat Blow Torch”. This workout routine should be done thrice a week for about 30 minutes. This adds up to a total of no more than 90 minutes a week dedicated to shaping and sculpting up your body.

As is the case with all the routines, it involves the four core exercises of which the sets must be increased as your body gets used to this.

Second Workout Routine – The Old School New Body F4X Shape Workout

As we explained above, the FX4 Lean routine is great for building lean muscles. Once this phase of the Old School New Body program is done, you move on to the next routine called ‘Shape’. In the F4X Shape workout, the included exercises are slightly longer and more intense as things are kicked up a notch.

The specific layout of this routine is such that it helps in chiseling out muscles more prominently. So, for those who are looking out to get cuts and shapes, this workout is the best option.

This second part of the Old School, New Body protocol should be done thrice a week. Usually, each session takes up around 45 minutes. Additionally, you will notice that some changes might be needed in your lifting style, meal plan, and overall nutrition.

However, with that being said, there is no reason to be intimidated as no drastic changes are expected out of you.

Third Workout Routine – The Old School New Body F4X Build Workout

The third and final routine of the Old School, New Body program kicks this up to full gear. This routine is the most intense of the lot and is designed as a full-range plan for bodybuilding. While those who want a leaner muscle mass may not prefer this, those who want to build greater muscle mass will benefit from this routine.

This routine is quite advance as a training plan and should be done four times a week. Additionally, the exercises last for almost an hour.

This final part of The Old School, New Body protocol is best suited for serious bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts whose aim is to get bulky and extremely muscled. If, however, you prefer a physique that’s leaner and more toned, then the first two routines will work perfectly.

The Benefits of Resistance Training

If you’ve read through till here, you must have heard the term ‘resistance training’ multiple times. Let’s take a look at some of the best benefits of this type of training.

  • Counters the phenomenon of bone loss that occurs as you grow older.
  • Helps you burn more fat and tone the muscles, helping you achieve the body of your dreams.
  • Improves the body’s insulin sensitivity, and consequently lowers your risk of most chronic diseases.
  • Boosts your metabolism to accelerate fat burn and keeps it raised long after you finish
  • Stimulates and increases the production of the body’s natural anti-aging hormone, promoting appearance and feelings of vitality.
  • Reduces inflammation that is linked to a variety of diseases.

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The Old School, New Body Diet

The diet and nutrition section of the Old School New Body Program is elementary and straight forward. In the simplest of terms, it requires you to eat protein-rich meals and snacks along the course of the day.

Unlike many other programs, this one doesn’t expect you to start yourself or restrict calories to the point of it getting unhealthy. Instead, the focus rests on eating five to six meals in a day.

These meals should only have a higher content of protein and a lower quantity of carbohydrates. Additionally, all processed and refined foods are not permitted as is the case with most diets for weight loss.

The program’s diet book comes equipped with daily diet plans that Steve and Becky Holman supposedly follow. These eating plans are easy to prepare, to shop for, and include healthy food items like green vegetables, whole grain, nuts and fresh fruits.

Although there are no included recipes, the given information is sure to help you build your instinct for eating healthy. The rules and general guidelines will help you inherently develop an innate sense of healthy eating.

An additional bonus with this program is an eBook for Paleo sweets with many recipes to satiate your sweet tooth. The creations are healthy and guilt-free so that you can indulge once in a while without totally ruining the efforts you put into building your body. This program is very chilled out when t comes to cheat days, and it allows you to indulge in your favorite foods once a week.

The Holmans set aside a 24-hour window each week where they loosen up with their otherwise strict diets. This is called a victory day. The purpose of a victory day is to ensure that the diet isn’t too restrictive, setting followers up for a loss. Additionally, this victory day is useful to shock the system and reboot the metabolism into high gear.

What Else is Included in the Old School New Body Program?

The program’s purchase comes with some extra guides. PDFs and tips. Here is a comprehensive list of everything that’s included –

The Old School New Body PDF

This eBook PDF comes with 101 pages full of the most important tips and instruction related to the F4X exercises. This book introduces the main program and includes other tips related to diet and lifestyle to complement the benefits of your workouts.

Additionally, it also includes an Advanced F4X training that’s designed for those who want an extreme workout. If not, the other three workouts will do just fine.

The F4X Quick-Workout Start Guide

This workout guide acts as a summary of the principal Old School, New Body program. It enables you to have a glance through the program and get started without reading through 101 pages.

It allows you an option to choose the body type you want to build and start with the workouts directly.The three program routines – Lean, Shape, and Build – are covered.

The Ultimate Fat-Burning Secret

This book includes many tips and tricks related to fat burn and weight loss by consuming specific foods along with the nutrition part of the program. It will offer great insight into other tips like how sleeping naked can bring you closer to a leaner body, ow which desserts can boost your metabolism.

The Ultimate Muscle-Building Secret

This guide instructs you on the secrets of achieving lean muscle. Remember, that this is not ideal for those seeking to get bulky or sole. Important pointers like how fruit may increase muscle mass or boost testosterone are included in this additional feature.

The Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secret

With helping you get toned, this book of the Old School, New Body video is perfect for people looking to rekindle the fire in the bedroom. This book also has a few useful anti-ageing tips and insightful info on how to reduce wrinkles, live longer, sleep better, and have a roaring sex life even at an older age.

Many vegetables, fruits, and foods with aphrodisiac effects are mentioned in the book.

The Ultimate Happiness and Health Secret

This add-on book will help you understand which habits will help you live better. The tips, tricks, and philosophies shared in this book have information on foods that can relieve anxiety, depression, improve your mood and elevate your spirits.

If you’re looking to be more optimistic, this book is sure to guide you on that path. Most importantly, this is a short guide that’s easy to access anywhere, anytime.

Who is the Old School New Body Program Perfect for?

The F4X workouts, as we mentioned before, induce intense muscle fatigue with moderate weights, making this a great workout option for those over the age of 40. At this age, bones and joints are usually susceptible to increased wear and tear and take more time to recover.

Additionally, you may not have worked out for a long time. In this scenario the Old School, New Body Program acts as the perfect choice wherein your body is exercised enough without any unnecessary shock or impact to delicate parts of the body. Even people up to their 70s can continue with this program, owing to its customizable nature.

With that being said, this program works for anyone who wants to lose weight and tone their body, irrespective of their age. With its anti-ageing effect, it can also be a preventative measure for those in their late 30s or so.

Benefits of Old School, New Body

1. Excellent Value For Money: The price of this program is relatively low when you compare it to other products in this category. In just $20, you get many add-ons apart from the actual program guide. This purchase is loaded with important and pertinent information that may finally help you reach your goals.

In this scenario, we believe that the Old School, New Body Program is worth the price you’ll pay for it. You can scour the internet for discount coupons too if you’re looking for a price reduction.

2. Illustrations: For those who are new to fitness, especially weight training, the illustrated guide comes as a huge relief. Because correct form and posture are so important, this illustrated version of all key exercises helps you.

When you comprehend each movement correctly, it reduces the risk of injury considerably. As your basics are strengthened, you will also notice a change in your body.

3. Detailed Information: There are various schools of thought when it comes to weight loss and dieting. Ask anyone who has tried to lose their extra poundage, and they’ll tell you the struggle associated with getting into shape. This is where this Program shines.

By providing you detailed information on everything from diet to workouts and aphrodisiac foods, this book equips you to make a lasting change in your lifestyle. Additionally, the guide books give you much info on topics that will help you lead your best life. In a manner of speaking, these tried and tested details help you chart your own weight loss plan more easily.

4. Not Time Consuming: All of the workouts in this program clock out at under an hour. The pace of the workouts depends on you. Nevertheless, you won’t exceed this time limit owing to the intensity of workouts. As a result, the program won’t cut into too much of your weekly time, making it easier to stick to the program without making major changes to your life.

5. Expert Opinions: Given the Holmans’ record of being authority figures in the fitness industry, we think their information is pretty reliable. They’re both renowned contributors at one of the world’s first global fitness magazine and have trained with the best names in the industry.

Surely, their years and years of experience and personal dedication to their method have shown results time and again. This is a great advantage over these Instagram-only or model-type newbies whose information may be influenced by fads.

6. Versatility: Another one of the best parts about the F4X workout program is that it comes equipped with workouts for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 20-year-old with much enthusiasm, or if you’re a 55-year-old with wonky knees; Old School, New Body has something for both.

The workouts can be done with weights of all types, and even other exercises like cable machine and dumbbell ones are included.

7. Easy and Straightforward: It’s got ‘old school’ in the name for good reason. This program has a bunch of comprehensive exercises with classic equipment like weights. There are no wishy-washy shenanigans that make it to the book.

Although you will go through too much background information about the Holmans, the information is pretty comprehensive yet brief.

8. Many Relatable Success Stories: If you browse the internet for people who have used this program, you’ll find that they have transformed the lives of many people across all ages.

These are ordinary people who don’t really have the time, energy or resources to splurge on fancy equipment or dietary changes. This is why their success is an inspiration and a ray of hope for others looking to try this program to meet their body goals.

9. Money-back guarantee: Irrespective of how good a weight loss product is, or how many good reviews it has, the best judge of its confidence is its money-back policy. If a product does not have a guarantee like this, the chances are that it is a scam or fake product.

In the case of Old School, New Body, if you’re not satisfied with your investment, you can return it within 60 days. They offer a 100% money-back guarantee. They also offer a similar deal if you’re not happy with the service or ease of purchasing offered. We like this guarantee and think this boosts the product’s ratings.

Downsides of Old School, New Body

1. Results Are Slow and Will Vary: Although the program doesn’t make any claims towards the number of pounds you’ll lose, it has been known to help people lose up to 15 pounds in 3 months. On the other hand, there exist many people who have taken a long time to get mediocre results out of this program.

Moreover, our bodies are made up differently, prompting the fact that each will respond differently to these 90-minute workouts. In any case, you need strong determination, focus, and consistency when it comes to succeeding at weight loss with this program by the Holmans.

2. Content Only In Audio and Paper Format: As compared to other home workout programs, the Old School, New Body continues to lag behind thanks to the fact that it doesn’t come with any videos. In the age of Instagram and Twitter, we’ve become accustomed to video format content and for many, working out based on a book may be difficult.

In our opinion, the lack of motivational videos with a trainer makes this program less effective. Still, if you aren’t dependent on videos, this program could work perfectly for you.

3. Layout: Perhaps in the 90s, the layout of the program material would have been right, but in this day and age, everything looks dated. We could try to forgive this considering this program is old school, but it may be difficult for some people to follow along given the poor choice of fonts and graphics used. In certain places, the overall layout and designing is a mess.

4. Internet- dependant Online Content: This exercise program’s manual and workout instructions in the e-book book are both only available online in the eBook or PDF format. Some people who prefer reading physical books may have trouble with this. Because this program was designed for those over 40, we’d have liked to see physical copies of the same.

5. Unnecessary Background Information: Look, if you’re paying for something that helps you lose weight, you’d rather just get what you paid for without running commentary peppered with the author’s personal experiences.

This program includes too many extra details about the authors’ personal lives, and even about their daughters. None of this information helps you, making it a distraction and a huge disadvantage to the effectiveness.

Final Thoughts

After everything is said and done, Old School New Body is not a wholly lousy product. For those who prefer the allure of simple, straightforward programs including classic moves, this is a great option. Additionally, the style and layout of the FX4 workouts and diet plan make it easy to follow and implement at any age.

Resistance training has its many benefits, and if this can achieve your individual goals, the Old School New Body program is worth investing. The simplicity of this program is its best feature, and its low cost makes it quite a safe purchase.

Alternatively, if you prefer video format content and new-age style routines, this may not be your best purchase. Instead, you can surf the web for other options. Many home videos that will help you with your goals exist, and you can pick and choose from those.

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