KeTo Meal Plan For Weight Loss – Best Keto Diet Plan

Keto meal plan for weight loss

Since a ketogenic diet can be helpful for those looking to reduce weight, we have put together a seven-day ketogenic meal plan for weight loss to make it a pretty easier to get started. In case you are new to the keto, let me give you a little brief explanation of how it works.

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What Is Ketosis?

During digestion, carbohydrates are crashed into glucose, the usual source of power for the brain and central nervous system. When there is not sufficient glucose accessible due to low carbohydrate use, the body must find a substitute power source and breaks down fat for power instead.

This process generates molecules known as ketones which serve as the body’s new fuel. Ketosis is the name given to the state in which the body has raised the level of ketones in the blood.

How Many Carbs On a Ketogenic Diet Plan?

A ketogenic diet generally has the following: 60-75 percent calories from fat. 5-10 percent from carbs. And 15-30 percent calories from protein.

Typically, using less than fifty grams of carbohydrates per day is sufficient to achieve ketosis. But some studies on the effectiveness of ketogenic diets have further limited daily carbohydrate use to less than twenty grams of carbs daily.

Some keto followers take the Atkins approach and focus on net carbohydrate that is, grams of full carbohydrate minus grams of fiber.

This is a somewhat hot approach since the term “net carbs” is happily used by food producers to make a big range product rich in total carbohydrates, but low in net carbs.

If you reject such processed foods, though, net carbs could be the best solution for you.

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Keto Meal Plan For Weight Loss

For our ketogenic diet meal plan, we do not exceed twenty grams of net carbs per day. And full carbohydrate ranges from 23-35 grams.

The calorie counts are on the low side, between 1300-1800 calories per day. Though this could be successful for a keto meal plan for weight loss. You can forever raise your portions if you need more calories.

So long as you stay in ketosis by monitoring your macronutrient ratio and mainly your total carbohydrate intake.

If you know you can tolerate a higher carbohydrate intake and remain in ketosis. You are also welcome to include the occasional dry red wine or 80-90 percent dark chocolate.

Keto Meal For Weight Loss For Week

  • Monday: cream cheese stuffed chicken breast
  • Tuesday: Zucchini Boats stuffed with pork
  • Wednesday: Simple skillet Feta Chicken
  • Thursday: Sauteed Gulf Shrimp with Lemon Butter Sauce and Feta Cheese
  • Friday: Roast Chicken with Argula Tomato
  • Saturday: Grilled Steak with Spicy Chimichurri sauce
  • Sunday: Grain-Free Meatloaf with Fennel, Tomatoes, and Flax Seed.


Meal weight loss plan

A ketogenic diet may support you to lose more weight in the three to six months than some other diets. This may be because it takes more calories to replace fat into energy than it does to change carbs into power.

It is also easy that a high-fat-high-protein diet satisfies you more, so you let eat less, but that has not been verified yet.

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