How To Text A Guy You Like – Clever Texts To Send Guys

How to text a guy you like

Trying to figure out how to text a guy you like? You and your boyfriend planned to call it quits but now you want him back. You are nervous about calling him because you are worried he might hang up so you would love to try texting him.

Tips On How To Text A Guy You Like

Is It The Best Time?

When it comes to “how to text a guy you like,” more specifically your ex-partner, timing is very vital. If you do it too soon then it might damage your chances of getting him back.

Bear in mind, the no contact rule is important in a breakup. You might annoy him if you contact him too earlier or he might feel pressured.

It would be excellent to wait a while, may be a week or 2, before you contact him. That way, your emotions would have chilled down and you would be capable to think clearly.

Do Not Text Your Ex All The Time

Even though he may respond to your messages, do not get thrill and bombarded with him texts every day. Things may still be a pretty tense around you and you never know if he is just being perfect to you.

Or maybe he is already taking benefit of you because if you keep sending him alerts, then he can have you back in his life without being obligated to view you again.

It is like you are hit a backup lady and you do not want that, do you? Just send him a few alerts every now and then but do not make it a regular thing.

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Leave Him Alone

He or she may not respond to your messages but does not go into panic mode. If he does not respond, then just let him be. Maybe he is just not ready to discuss it with you yet and he needs more time to himself.

If he responses but you feel like he is not truly interested in talking to you then do not get discouraged. As described, when it comes to “how to text a guy you like”, it might take time before he feels relax talking to you again.

Ask Him Out

If you feel that you are both relax talking to each other again, then you can try to ask him out for a coffee cup.

You can deliver him a text and ask if he would love to meet with you sometimes and talk about things. Or maybe the 2 of you can just hang out and try to relax around each other again. Whatever you think is right and whatever works for you.

Do Not Send Messages

Reject sending text messages if you are feeling quite down. Otherwise, your messages would not actually enjoyable and fun. Text him when you are in the best mood so being fun will come naturally.


How To Keep Your Man Interested

All the above guidelines present to you how to tell a guy you love him. You must forever be brave enough to grab your happiness. There is no damage for you to confess to someone you love. Although you might be ignored by him at least you tried before.

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