How To Text A Guy To Keep Him Interested – You Got Him Now Keep Him!

How To Text A Guy To Keep Him Interested

How To Text A Guy To Keep Him Interested. Meeting the right guy is an extremely hard job. There are, after all very few guys who you would really like.

But once you meet them how do you get them and most vitally how do you make sure that they stay with you and do not run after a few weeks of dating. Here are a few techniques to learn how to get a guy and how to keep him.

How To Text A Guy To Keep Him Interested

Do Not Hesitate To Speak Your Mind

Being around a man and admitting to everything that he says is not going to support you get him. Actually, agreeing to all man says will make sure that you lose him and truly quick.

So, since you know your mind, do not worry to speak it. If you hate extreme sports then do not go for it just for the reason that your man wants it. But do not be an uptight and prude either.

Make Amazing Conversation

I have amazing hobbies and interests and will be willing to explore fresh possibilities. This will just broaden your horizons for making amazing conversations and being capable to converse is actually essential to keep a relationship going.

Have A Busy Life

Having a busy life will make sure that you divide your focus into the many remarkable aspects of your life. This will make your man work for your focus and keep his interest in you alive.

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Do Not Be Interfering

Do not mess about everything that your man is doing. If he is talking something with someone else keep your 2 bits to yourself. Too much of interfering makes you look like a nag and fully not fun to hang out with.

Respect Space And Boundaries

You need to be protective of your space and boundaries and similarly respect his space as well. Crossing these unseen boundaries by reading text messages, checking your man’s mail and drawers can seriously jeopardize the future of a link as it shows you as a control freak.

Listen To Him

You can learn how to keep him interested by listing to your partner. This is very vital because you need to know what your man wants so you can give it to him.

The top part about this is that if he is the best man and he adores you, then he will return the favor by listing to you and presenting you how much he cares.

Do Not Be Desperate

Just after you have begun dating do not look like you and you want to move the connection to the next level. Be gradual in this process. And do not make the relationship the target of your life as that will only make you look desperate.


How To Get A Guy And Keep Him

Attracting a guy and keeping him needs the skill to master. It is the art of being appealing. Have you wondered what makes a man find women appealing? It is an attraction.

If an attraction is present in the relationship, the connection will be alive no issue what. But if the attraction is reduced or lost, he will lose interest in you.

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