How To Text A Guy First – How to Make a Guy To Like You

How to text a guy first

Learning how to text a guy you love is easy enough. Besides targeting on what to do to impress him, you can also try to learn what not to do.

The don’ts of flirting through text messages are vital for every lady to learn. You do not want to guy shutting his phone every time he views a text message from you, do you?

Do Not Fast Respond To His Text Messages

You can play hard to get even in swapping SMS. Failing to respond can work to your benefit. It makes you more strong and it sort of shows you are not truly into the conversation. So, his natural response is to try a pretty harder.

Do Not Forever Be The One To Text First

Every once in a while, let him deliver the first ext alerts. Being the first to text him all the time and will make you look anxious or even easy. He will know you are truly into him and that would not do surprises to your mystique.

Do Not Be Dull And Just Ramble On About Tedious Things

Try discussing something you know he will enjoy as well. Better yet, keep it short and random. Just say hi and I was thinking about you and view where it goes from there.

Do Not Bombard With Him Text Alerts

You may enjoy it at first, but too much of anything can get dull and, eventually, tense. If you are continually overloading him with text alerts, then it is a chance he would not enjoy it anymore.

He will grow tired of hearing from you and would not continue flirting with you via text messages.

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Do Not Ramble

Women love to talk, men do not. Sometimes, what ladies find amazing does not truly interest men.

Avoid rambling about things you would generally discuss to your girlfriends about like the new shoes you bought, the new diet you found out, etc. Discuss things that you think the 2 of you would find amazing like music and movies.

Do Not Keep Texting If He Is Not Replying

If he is not replying to your alerts, then stop texting him. You might irritate him or he might feel smug and view you as pathetic because you keep sending him alerts even when he is not replying.

Also, this would mean that you texted him first. A lot of ladies do not love to text the guy first because then they would never find out if he is interested in them.

Do Not Push Him

Not being pushy or desperate is a great tip on how to text a guy. If he does not react quickly, maybe there is a reason.

Maybe something came up, who knows? So do not work all clingy and nag him to react to you. Being showing and clingy him your desperate will make you lose your appeal.


How To Text Him First

When trying to get a guy interested in you via text, do not forget your self-respect. Definitely, you want to get to know him and you want him to react to his messages.

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