How To Cure Diabetes – Can You Control Blood Sugar Without Medicine?

How To Cure Diabetes Without Drug

How to cure diabetes without medicine is quite easy if you are vigilant about the management of your diabetes.

It is vital to ensure that you do not take it upon yourself to give up your drug without the advice of your doctor first.

You will have to work closely with your physician to ensure that you do not cause yourself more damage.

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How To Cure Diabetes Without Drugs

How to cure diabetes without drugs can be achieved with a strong and well-balanced diet and regular workout. This will take some time to implement, but it will actually be value it once it is in place.

The most precious tool you can arm yourself with is an exercise and food diary, this will permit you to work out which exercises and foods do not work for you.

And by knowing this information you can reject them altogether and be well on your way to curing your diabetes without the drug.

Get yourself a notebook and begin to write down every item you eat, what workouts you are doing as well as your blood sugar readings after and before meals and workouts.

As I described this will take some time to perform. But by the end of it, you will be well informed of what works for you as a patient.

This is vital to realize because we all react to exercises and foods in different ways. Not one person is the same.

You will need to combine and mat your workouts and meals so that you can determine which foods and workouts are the culprits that make your blood sugar rise.

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Following are advice on how to track the information you need:

  • Record the date.
  • Make a list of the items you eat for each meal, it is vital that you note each individual food, for example, beans, beefsteak, onion sauce, and sweet potato.
  • Create a list of workouts you do as well as the length of time.
  • Make a note of your blood sugar levels after and before your meals as well as your workouts.
  • Work out which particular exercise or food has made your blood sugar dramatically rise and ensure you note this down so that you can reject it in the future.

The excellent way to do all this is to have yourself a diabetes diet plan, make the best diet plan for 1 week. And get a different diet plan for a few weeks.

Then implement the week one plan, then week two, and then week three plan.

Once you have reached the end of week three. For example go back to week 1 and take out one food item to view if it makes a variation to your blood sugar readings.

This will be how you discover what works for you and what does not.


How To Cure Diabetes Without Medicine

By learning how to cure diabetes, also means you learn the reason for diabetes. Medication just treats the effect of the issue, never the reason. In many cases, diet is a big cause. Replace the diet and the issue is cured.

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