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12 Minute Affiliate Reviews

I like it. I like 12 Minute Affiliate for many reasons but mainly for two; because the co-founder/mentor Devon Brown is REAL, and the system is actually helpful. The step-by-step instructions is crystal-clear and is good quality. If you've seen the sales page before, you may have noticed some phrases often used by scammers (Easy as 1-2-3! All-done-for-you!) In spite of that, everything's beautifully explained there, and you can tell that this one is different. My 12 Minute Affiliate review will take a close look and help you to decide whether this is the way for you to make money online.

By the way it's named so because it will only take you 12 minutes to set it up. It does NOT mean you'll only need to work 12 minutes each day. It's not a scam.

Official Website : Click Here!

What Is 12 Minute Affiliate?

It's a "done-for-you" system that helps you to succeed in affiliate marketing. It will help you to:

  1. Create an account with ClickBank (if you already have an account, skip.)
  2. Create an account with AWeber (if you already have an account, skip.)
  3. Load autoresponder templates (80 x followup messages) onto your AWeber account.
  4. Select an already made funnel and link it to your ClickBank and AWeber.

Your funnel is ready to use; means your opt-in page is linked to your AWeber, ready to collect subscribers, and the bridge page (page that your new subscriber is immediately directed to) is ready with some ClickBank products loaded with your affiliate link.

You can set this all up within 12 minutes - it took me about an hour only because I was faffing around, making coffee and stuffing my face with cakes. Distractions! What's good about it is, whatever can be automated is automated here. Obviously to create your own ClickBank account, you have to sign up with your own password and enter personal details yourself. 12 Minute Affiliate provides a very detailed step-by-step for things like that. The rest is automated. You just enter your ClickBank/AWeber account ID's and click OK.


What Makes the 12 Minute Affiliate Different?

You see, most of other "done-for-you" systems throw in some sales funnel templates, a dozen of email templates, and instruction guides, leaving the rest to users. But everything's supposed to be "done for you" so they don't even expect you to understand how it works. There are no educational aspects there. Some of them may have their own plain-text autoresponder, the user might think, oh what a bonus, and use it blindly. Little do they know is that the deliverability rates of those in-house autoresponders are close to zero. Never half as effective as proper email services.

Because 12 Minute Affiliate explains how it works, it has a training opportunity and it's open to questions, you will actually learn affiliate marketing, and you can take your knowledge with you in the future. You'll be looked after well. Even for setting up, plenty of brief video instructions as well as full written instructions are there, and I mean "full" instructions.

But before all that, Devon will remind you in his welcome message that you will have to put in a lot of effort to make it work. He says "We can't care about your success more than you do."

Signing Up

I actually didn't like the fact that it was taking me a long time to join. First I had to "book" a live webinar, but instead of letting you book your preferred time slot, it will automatically allocate you to the next session after you sign up with your email, which will start in 4 hours time. I'd be in bed by then, but I knew the reply would be available.

Many internet marketers run "live webinars" which are actually recorded. The special software allows them to make their webinar look live, and lets users "reserve a spot". It's a great way to generate leads (because it requires the users to sign up before joining the webinar).

But why wouldn't Devon allow anyone to join 12 Minute Affiliate until they watch the webinar, and would he make them wait for 4 hours? Perhaps he's been suffering from dealing with a lot of time-wasters. Because the first trial price is less than $10 and get-rich-quick dreamers are attracted to the name thinking they can paid a large sum of cash within "12 minutes". It turns out to be a serious training, so they ask for a refund? I don't know, I'm only guessing. But perhaps he wants to make sure that only serious learners join and make the most of his training.

The webinar itself is extremely useful for newbies in my opinion, I thoroughly recommend it if you are totally new, if you haven't heard about ClickBank or JVZoo. But it's 2 hours long, and the reply is only available for a couple of days. If you've missed it, you need to sign up again.

The good news is, I have a link straight to the video replay page, and you can sign up from there;

Pricing Plan and Niches

With "Basic" membership plan, you can choose one niche from the following 3 niches;

  • Home Business,
  • Weight Loss, or
  • Personal Development.

$9.95 for the first 14 days, then you'll be paying $47 per month for web hosting fee and training. Alternatively you can pay a one-time fee of $397. That's equivalent to 8.5 months' worth of monthly fee, and you'll keep your sales funnel hosted for a lifetime. Having said that, I'd be reluctant to pay that kind of amount, wouldn't you?

If you don't think you're a technical person, I think it's a bargain for you. But if you are willing to build your own simple sales funnel by yourself in the future, it's actually not difficult to do that at all. You could start with 12-Minute Affiliate and move to a cheaper hosting service later on, though you'll lose your training opportunities.

I make my funnels using Thrive Architect landing page builder (the single license costs $67 one-off), and if you want to have your site hosted really cheap, it's available from as low as $3-10 per month, although I really wouldn't recommend cheap hosting services.

12-Month Affiliate's "Gold" membership plan allows you to choose all 3 niches (Home Business, Weight Loss and Personal Development). Also $9.95 for the first 14 days, then $97 per month or a one-off payment of $797 for the lifetime use.

Sales Funnel Templates

You are provided with 10 sets of ready-made sales funnels (opt-in page and bridge page), plus a custom option. You can use as many of them as you want. They all look to me like typical sales funnels that many other affiliate marketers use, but who am I to judge? They are the proven-to-work funnels that are selected by the 12-Minute Affiliate team.

So this is what happens to your visitor when they visit your opt-in page;

  1. Discover the biggest online income opportunity - sign up now" Your visitor signs up.
  2. As soon as they sign up, they are directed to the bridge page - "Smart choice! Are you ready to take the next step?" The visitor clicks the "Yes" button.
  3. Now they're directed to a selected ClickBank product page via your affiliate link. If they buy the product on the spot, you'll earn your commission (though quite unlikely).
  4. At the same time, your visitor is added to your AWeber list.
  5. AWeber's followup sequence starts. Your visitor receives your welcome email immediately.
  6. The next 80 days, the visitor will receive an email from you every day. Each email contains a link, which you can change to any of your affiliate product pages.

The custom option allows you to skip the (2) bridge page and choose any page. This is good because some bridge pages contain what I think is a scammy phrase or irrelevant phrase such as "This generates $10,000+ per month on autopilot". When your visitor clicks the button, the product page they're directed to may not be relevant.

Instead you can omit the bridge page and replace it with your affiliate product page (it doesn't have to be a ClickBank page but any of your choice).

Done For You Traffic

Now, here's where you have to fork out more money - for traffic! Remember, if you want to make money as an affiliate in a short period, there's only one way - pay. Pay to advertise, or pay to get some traffic sent to your site.

12-Minute Affiliate offers a solo ad traffic service. The service is outsourced and it's not cheap compared to some other solo ad vendors, but again this is done-for-you. All you have to do is to pay, the rest is taken care of.

It says the traffic usually starts within 7-14 days, but if the suppliers are backed up, it may take longer. Which sounds REALLY slow to me.

12MA only deals with top-tier traffic (US, Canada, UK, Australia are specifically listed), which is good. For the Home Business niche, the price starts from $99. Personal Development from $159, and Weight Loss from $192 respectively. It claims to send 90-100 visitors and 20-25% will opt in. The more you order, the better deals (=cheaper) you will get.

I appreciate that the price includes all the handling, but I wouldn't buy traffic from here because;

  • Too slow - solo ad sellers with a big list can send 100 visitors within minutes, if not seconds. Slow traffic means the visitors are towards the bottom of the rotator (means they've already seen many sales funnels like yours) Taking 7+ days, is far too slow.
  • No analytics will be available - unless you use a link tracker such as Clickmagick (you can integrate it to your 12MA funnel - see "Other Resources" below), you won't know how many visitors have been sent and when. Only your email marketing service (AWeber) can tell you when they've opted in.
  • Low opt-in rates - 20-25% opt-ins sounds a little low to me. With this kind of sales funnel, you could get a little more, around 35-40%.

90-100 visitors with 20-25% opt-ins means that you pay $99 to 12MA and you'll receive somewhere between 18-25 leads.

If you check Udimi and find sellers with good feedbacks, you can pay $50 for 110 visitors (100 plus bonus) from top-tier countries and receive 35-45 leads. (Please note: I'm not defining this. The results vary from vendor to vendor. Solo ad traffic is always hit & miss.)

Other Resources

  • Education Centre - The past team training videos are available to watch (right now I can see 5)
  • Email swipes - All the swipes are ready to download (for all 3 niches, 80 x follow-up messages for basic members, whopping 240 x follow-up messages for Gold members). So if you're not an AWeber user, you can still use them with any email marketing services - as long as they allow affiliates!
  • 12MA Integration Center - two instruction documentation. (1) How to add external tracking code to your funnels. Useful for Clickmagick users. And (2) How to set up additional autoresponders: GetResponse and MailChimp. It's great for GetResponse users, but don't use Mailchimp if you're promoting a Home Business niche. Mailchimp doesn't allow that.
  • Personal Development Library - 20 x ebooks and audio files as bonus exclusively available to 12MA members.
  • Recommended Affiliate Products - recommended products are listed here with your unique affiliate link. If you don't know what to promote, you can pick the products from here.

Support & Cancelation Policy

You can send a support ticket for any questions that are not listed in the FAQ page. If you're not happy, 12 Minute Affiliate promises 60-day money back guarantee. After 60 days, if you want to cancel the account, you can also request to cancel your account by sending a support ticket. As long as you send it by the next billing date, your account will be canceled.

Pros Of 12 Minute Affiliate

  • All done for you system - great for newbies.
  • Instructions are insanely thorough and helpful.
  • Devon is super-friendly and supportive.
  • 60-day money back guarantee.

Cons Of 12 Minute Affiliate

  • You need to keep buying traffic - not so sustainable.
  • "Done-for-you" traffic service is expensive.


If you are brand new to affiliate marketing and willing to "spend money to make money" in a short period, then I would recommend it to you. You'll get to learn how a sales funnel works, how an email integration works, what it's like to buy solo ad traffic, and how you monitor your autoresponder sequence.

There are a couple of upsells but you don't have to buy them, and 12MA itself won't cost you much. It's the solo ad traffic that will cost you continuously, and the challenge is to make sure you're making constant profits.

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12 Minute Affiliate By Devon Brown

Regular Price : $247! 197!

Today For Just $9.95!

Hurry Up! Limited Time Offer!

60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee! Order Now!

60-Day Money Back Guarantee Terms Definitions.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied within the first 60 days that you have received the product, You can obtain a refund by sending e-mail to the address indicated within the product and we will refund all the money, as soon as possible and did not ask any questions.