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The Simple Golf Swing Review

The Simple Golf Swing Review If you would like to be a better golfer, then you need to master golf swing. You are worried of how or where to get the information on golf swing?

The Simple Golf Swing is just right for you as it will do you justice. If you are looking for a genuine review on this program, then you need to read on and see what crucial information you would get from it.

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What is The Simple Golf Swing?

The Simple Golf Swing is an eBook of 31 pages that trains golfers on making solid contact with the ball, how to not to slice and how not to hit fat. It trains you to become accurate and consistent with your swing.

With the Simple Golf Swing program, you not only get the eBook, but also other bonuses that accompany it such as an instructional video which boost your understanding of golf swing.

Who is The Creator of The Simple Golf Swing?

David Nevogt is the creator of this program. He is one of the instructors on the This is the website that sells his book.

Apart from selling these books, this website presents a number of other instructors that offer learning aids to golfers in form of DVDs, videos, books and eBooks.

What Is Included In The Program?

There is a lot that is included in this 31-page eBook. In nutshell, you will learn the following from this system:

  • Instructions in simple steps that are accompanied with photos for easy understanding of each step.
  • You will learn how you are supposed to grip the club correctly. Included in the correct types of grips are the overlapping and interlocking grips.
  • You will learn how to ensure consistency of your grip in every shot.
  • Detailed techniques of ensuring that you do not slice and that you produce a straight ball flight from your grip.
  • You will familiarize yourself with the revolutionary simple golf system and how it works. Knowing how it works boosts your power and ensures consistency.
  • You will also familiarize yourself with the one piece takeaway. With better understanding of this technique, you will not have issues of producing a smooth single motion swing.
  • You will learn the easiest ways of making contact with all the shots. Being good at this will save a lot of strokes.
  • You will learn how to correctly align the clubface and this saves you from hitting left or right.
  • You will discover how you can have an extra distance from the 10mph speed increase on your swing.

This guide comes along with some bonuses of high quality and they include:

  • An instructional video of 40 minutes for a better comprehension.
  • 515 yard drive by mike Austin. Get to be motivated and inspired by his story so that you can scale to greater heights in golfing.
  • 3 putting eBooks which teach you swinging in just 3 easy steps.
  • Sand lesson. It is a supplementary book to the Simple Golf Swing eBook which can help you master how you can hit out of the sand.
  • Fit to a Tee eBook by Mike Pedersen which trains you through a simple program on how to be fit for golfing.
  • Mental preparation. This enables you to prepare mentally for golf rounds. It provides you with a game plan which mentally prepares you for each single round.
  • The simple chip. It enables you to learn how to chip confidently around the greens.
  • Swing trainers that can be available at home. Some household items around you can be learning aids for swinging. These items could be those tennis rackets lying somewhere in the garage. They can help you boost your consistency.
  • Purepoint Golf Apprenticeship Program free trial.
  • A discount of the Full Swing DVD, ($48).

How Does This The Simple Golf Swing Work?

This program solves the three biggest challenges faced by golfers. It provides training techniques on slicing, consistency and distance.

Golf swing is broken down into five steps which can be understood by anyone. It teaches you how to have consistent swing at an outstanding distance. If you understand the five simple steps, you will hit the ball to an extra distance with increased confidence.

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Who Is The Target For This Program?

This The Simple Golf Swing program is for both starters and for continuing golfers who have been stuck somewhere in the game. For continuing golfers who are missing consistency, then this program is just right for them.

It is suitable for golfers who are at different levels of fitness. The guide and approach in it is just fit for all golfers regardless of their flexibility and physical strength.

Pros Of The Simple Golf Swing

  • The book gives you an incredible amount of value. As if this is not enough, it comes with amazing bonuses such the instructional videos and other eBooks. This ensures that you get more than the value you would expect from it.
  • It focuses on the most crucial aspects of golfing; distance and consistency. It clearly covers all the aspects of an excellent good swing with consistency and enables you to totally adopt and enjoy golfing.
  • You do not have to struggle with complicated scientific information or jargon. David makes it detailed but with simple language in simple terms which can be easily understood.
  • You will save a lot of cash in training. If you consider offline training, be ready to part with a minimum of $85 per hour and this is a bit expensive.
  • This program can save you frustrations from golf training. Within a month, you will have become the golfer you always dreamt of being.

Cons Of The Simple Golf Swing

  • Coming up with a genuine negative point on this program is hard because it seems to be the best. But when you come to think of it, it can take you some time to switch from the old kind of swing to the more relaxed and technique based swing.

Does The Program Work?

Yes it does. There is an assurance of 95% success. Consider it and see how you will grow your confidence and consistency in it and enjoy golfing more.


I can recommend this The Simple Golf Swing system to you. It gives you incredible value and makes you enjoy golfing. Whether you are complete starter of a continuing golfer, this program is just right for you The Simple Golf Swing.

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The Simple Golf Swing By David Nevogt

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