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Fat Loss Factor By Dr.Livingston

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What is The Fat Loss Factor?

The Fat Loss Factor is a popular health and weight loss system. It has been around for about 3 years now and is consistently in the top 10 list of fitness and diet products. It is designed to build your body from a healthy foundation, using a 7 day detox at the start of the program which will flush out any toxins. From there the system focuses on a diet rich in organic food, which the program says will increase your metabolism without having to cut down on your usual food intake too much.

This program has been created and developed by Dr. Charles S. Livingston. His are of expertise is as a Chiropractor, however he is also a certified wellness practitioner (whatever that is!) as well as a certified nutritionist. He is known as an expert in how to boost the bodies’ metabolism, and the program has a strong influence on building your metabolism from the very start.

Unlike some diet plans out there (ahem, 3 Week Diet, Cough), Dr. Charles and Lori (Dr. Charles’ most successful student and wife, who is pictured on the right of this paragraph), are real people. This is a key point for us, as with many systems on the market it is difficult to clarify whether the person who wrote it is even a real person, let alone knows what they are taking about.

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Inside The Cover – The Fat Loss Factor

Upon purchase through the 100% secure Clickbank payment system via either PayPal or credit card, you instantly get The Fat Loss Factor downloaded to your PC or device, so there is no 28 day waiting period for it to be delivered.

The system is split into these sections:

  • The Fat Loss Factor main E-Book
  • Liver and Body Cleansing videos
  • Foojoo Fast Food software
  • Pre-created grocery lists
  • Beginner, intermediate and advanced Weight Loss Exercise manuals
  • The 15 minute Workout manual
  • Measurements Logbook
  • Goal Setting Guide
  • Food Diary and Exercise Logbook
  • 12 Months of Email Coaching

The Fat Loss Factor main e-book is well written and easy to understand. It does not try to baffle you with science like some other programs do, and moves you along through the program with great momentum. It covers everything from holistic measures which aid weight loss all the way through to healthy diet practices and has a multitude of exercise routines which can be done at home.

The program starts off with a 7 day detox which flushes any toxins out of your body. In our opinion, this is great idea. Whereas most people who engage on a detox follow it up with a binge on bad food (and drink!), this detox is only the start of a healthier eating plan and lifestyle. However, detoxes are tough! it ill take a great deal of commitment to the program just to get through the first 7 days alone.

The program then goes on to explain what they call “12 basic principles for a healthy lifestyle and high metabolism”. Each principle is covered in its own chapter and they are well organized to move you seamlessly from one principle and chapter to the next.

The overall “flow” of the system therefore is great. The main ebook is a real page-turner and unlike other systems will keep you genuinely interested, there is no chance of boredom at all. It is also illustrated extremely well throughout and they have obviously spent a great deal of time and money getting the overall theme spot-on and aesthetically pleasing.

The diet that the plan outlines is based on entirely organic food. There are well-known advantages of being on an organic food diet and we applaud the system for it, however there is one big drawback; the cost. Organic food is notoriously expensive in the supermarket and we have reservations on the system as a whole as a result. However, as you won’t be eating junk food or expensive ready-meals these may balance themselves out and your weekly shopping / food budget should not go up too much as a result of buying organically.

So, the main ebook gets a well deserved thumbs-up from us, and then we come to the bonuses in the package. Unlike other systems which tend to give away bonuses which really are not worth a great deal and do not add value, The Fat Loss Factors bonuses are a welcome change from the norm. The videos, software and grocery lists are all excellently put together and compliment the main ebook very well indeed. On their own they are worth the $37 fee.

The exercise plans are probably the best part of the program. They can be done at home so you don’t have to make time or suffer the expense of visits to a gym everyday, which is perfect for working families with enough time constraints already. The exercise plans also have 3 plans; beginner, intermediate and advanced. Therefore, no matter what your fitness level at the start of the program is, the system will cater for it and intensify things as your fitness progresses.

Last but not least comes 12 months of free consultations via email. The support system of the Fat Loss Factor is, in our view, second to none. If you have a question or query, any emails are dealt with very swiftly indeed and the creators obviously believe in their product AND the people who buy it. This is a far cry from some programs where they couldn’t care less about whether you get results or not.

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Pros Of The Fat Loss Factor

  • Value for Money - They are literally giving you a ton of stuff for your $47. More than enough to keep you immersed in a world of weight loss
  • Easy to Follow - Every part of this program is well written and polished, as you would expect from something that has had plenty of time for revisions in its 3 year life-span.
  • Starts with a Detox - Crucial to give yourself a good base to begin with before starting the main program.
  • Diversity - Has 3 levels of exercise routines to accommodate people of all fitness levels.

Cons Of The Fat Loss Factor

  • Diet is not cheap - The focus of the diet is primarily on organic foods which can be a bit pricey. Expect to have to pay a little for exercise equipment as well.
  • Starts with a Detox - “What?”, I hear you say! We know, this is listed as a benefit too. However, one of the reasons detoxes are not as common as they should be is they are tough. This must go down as a weakness also, as it will not be for everyone and you could fail before you even start the program.


Overall, this system is one of the better programs on the market, you get a ton of stuff for the cost of it and we have no doubt that it will be a very worthwhile purchase for most women. Furthermore, the 12 month email coaching is a great addition and will help you on your toughest days or if you have any queries.

However, it starts off with a detox which a lot of people will find extremely difficult to do, meaning they could fail the program even before it starts. We do understand it is an important part of the system but detoxes are tough. Also, the diet can be expensive as the food is mostly organic. Had the system not got these issues it would have scored 1 star higher on our rating scale.

Overall rating for the Fat Loss Factor System: 8.5/10

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Fat Loss Factor By Dr.Livingston

Regular Price : $127! $97!

Today For Just $37!

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