Lift Weights Faster Review

Lift Weights Faster

Lift Weights Faster Review

Lift Weights Faster is an interesting weight loss and fitness program that focuses on enjoyability. It works on the belief that if each of your workout session is kept fresh and enjoyable, you won’t have any problem with motivation. This effect then leads to consistency; which then leads to fat burning and increased fitness results. In addition, as with the title, the central weight loss and fitness tenet of this program is about lifting weights faster (i.e. how many you can do in a certain amount of time), circuit training, and sprint workouts all combined in a flexible exercise regimen.

Lift Weights Faster is created by Jen Sinkler. As far as fitness trainers go, Jen is one of the best and most-credentialed in the business. Institutional certifications? Check – RKC and KBA certified kettlebell instructor, USA Weightlifting Olympic lifting coach, and coaching certificates from Primal Move, Progressive Calisthenics, TACFIT, Crossfit, and DVRT. Writing and technical credentials? Check – Experience Life magazine writer and owner of “Thrive with Jen Sinkler” ( Sports and fitness background? Check – U.S. Rugby player for 13 years, personal trainer at The Movement Minneapolis. Glaring testimonials? Check – Shape’s “Top 30 Motivators of 2013” and The Huffington Post’s “20 of the Best Fitness Experts Worth Following on Twitter.” Need we say more?

Diving into the product itself, you’ll start off with the “User Manual” which shows you Jen’s fitness philosophy, general guidelines while going through her program, and a little background about Jen. It’s in this part of the program where Jen explains why she considers lifting weights as a cardiovascular activity; boldly breaking though and dispelling commonly-held industry misconceptions about cardio training and resistance training.

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Once you’re done with the introductions, you’ll then proceed to the “Conditioning Workout Library” section. This is the part of the program that would work you into the proper condition or physical state which would allow you to do the Lift Weights Faster main program. You choose your conditioning regimen based on the amount of time you have (classified into “10 minutes or less”, “20 minutes or less”, and “30 minutes or less) and the fitness equipment you have access to (classified into “bodyweight”, “Minimal”, “Dumbbell”, “Kettlebell”, “Barbell”, and “Full Gym” workouts).

After you have been properly conditioned, you can then proceed to the Lift Weights Faster program itself. There’s a workout calendar that you would need to follow – composed of artistically named workout regimens like “The Pogo”, “Speed Demon”, “The Gut Twister”, and many more. These workout sessions are supplemented by online videos so you could easily follow along.

As far as fun workout sessions and customizable workout regimens go, Lift Weights Faster has those traits zeroed in. You’ll have a difficult time looking for a program that allows this much freshness for each of your workout sessions.


Lift Weights Faster Prices and Packages

$79, Standard Package

  • “Lift Weights Faster 2” Complete System (“User Manual” e-book, “Conditioning Workout Library” e-report, “Exercise Glossary” e-guide, “Gear Guide” e-report, “Exercise Video Library” online access).
  • “No Assembly Required” e-manual.
  • 1 year membership to

$99, Deluxe Package

  • Everything included in the Standard Package.
  • “Get Stronger Faster 2” Complete System (“User Manual” e-book, “Exercise Glossary” e-guide, “Training Plan” e-manual).


  • Great product for men and woman who are easily bored with the traditional fitness and workout regimens. This program offers a fresh exercise regimen on each workout session. Boredom be gone forever.
  • Focuses on the enjoyability of each workout session. This makes you look forward to each exercise day.
  • Very organized program. Every element is compartmentalized so that you would be able to easily find what you are looking for.
  • Allows for much flexibility and adjusts to your resources and lifestyle; more specifically to the amount of time you have and the fitness equipments you have access to.
  • Huge library of workouts and regimen variations allows you to do a fresh and fun program each and every time.
    Loads and loads of workouts, exercises, and fitness content.
  • Accommodating and polite customer support responded to our inquiry within 48 hours.


  • Additional investment on fitness equipments or gym memberships is required to gain the full benefit of the program.
  • Delves a bit into the technical aspects of fitness so a newbie might feel alienated or get confused with the program.
  • Doesn’t contain a nutrition component.

Our Lift Weights Faster Conclusion

lift-weights-faster-1Lift Weights Faster is a weight loss and fitness program that emphasizes enjoyability within each and every workout session; this in hopes of keeping you motivated and driven to follow through. It’s a fact that a lot of fitness goers start off enthusiastic and excited; with that initial excitement eventually waning away between each workout session due to the boredom caused by going through the same routine over and over again. That’s not going to be a problem with Lift Weights Faster. However, the lack of a nutrition component prevents this program from achieving epic status. In that regard, we give this program a 4 out of 5 stars rating.

Be motivated, stay motivated, and get results – that is pretty much an ample description for Lift Weights Faster. The multitude of workout regimens were designed and configured so that you’ll look forward to attend and finish each and every exercise day. There’s also a social motivation component integrated in; that is, a leaderboard is posted in the member’s area for each challenge workout regimen. It’s a great way to gauge where you’re standing with each workout as well as to give you that drive to keep improving and aim to break records.

On the flip side, this program assumes that you already have a working knowledge of common fitness terminologies, procedures, and practices as the Lift Weights Faster program doesn’t dig deep into explaining what these terms mean or how these procedures work. It just goes about using terms like circuits, pyramids, set-reps, and resistance training like they are common knowledge. These terms and concepts are easily researchable online. But a little help would have been nice.

In addition, although this is a program designed for both sexes, there’s always that unsubstantiated stigma between women and lifting weights. For women who know and appreciate the role of weight training in cardio, losing weight, and fitness, this program would be a perfect fit.

Lift Weights Faster is built upon a scientifically sound fitness principle (i.e. lifting weights faster via timed workout regimens) while offering a lot of flexibility. However, it’s not for everyone. Some people are just to used to treadmills, aerobics classes, pilates, yoga, or simply pumping iron. Lift Weights Faster offers a more dynamic, fresh, and holistic approach that not everyone can appreciate.

In the end, if you are looking for a fun and dynamic workout program, Lift Weights Faster is worth a serious look. Chances are you’ll never get bored working out ever again.

Our Final Recommendation: Buy Lift Weights Fasteraddtocart

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