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Hypothyroidism Revolution Review

This is a honest review about Hypothyroidism Revolution that is now being recognized as one of the most natural and holistic methods in preventing hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is a condition characterized by limited production of thyroid hormones by our thyroid glands. With not enough hormones to fuel our body, symptoms may occur such as loss of appetite, sluggishness and high sensitivity to cold. The worst scenario is losing consciousness from time to time.

With hyperthyroidism, you become overactive and have high metabolism which is also harmful to your health. But with hypothyroidism, the opposite symptoms happens. You won’t even feel you want to work and enjoy your life with your loved ones. That’s why if hypothyroidism will not be cured this could critically affect the quality of our lives.

Today, there are a lot of available medical treatments with hypothyroidism although each of these doesn’t guarantee 100% cure. Unfortunately, each treatment requires the use of drugs and these are not just simple drugs but powerful drugs. So instead of getting cured, we ingest and introduce toxins in our bodies and prolong our agonies.

Eventually, we searched for natural healing treatments for hypothyroidism and found lots of them. But we could not believe we found one that has the greatest potentials, no drugs involve and very holistic in its approach. This is the Hypothyroidism Revolution.

Hence, this article is all about Hypothyroidism Revolution review.

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Hypothyroidism Revolution and its Author

Hypothyroidism Revolution was developed by Tom Brimeyer, a popular practitioner of functional medicine and the author of the famous book “Hormones and Nutrition”.  In the past, Tom has developed high blood pressure due to high cholesterol, fatigue from work and stress. With cancer diseases running in his family, he thought that hypothyroidism would be far from happening to him.

But one day, Tom experienced the symptoms of the condition and one time while he was playing with his kid, he lost consciousness. This made him and his wife very concerned. After so many tests, the doctors say he suffers from hypothyroidism. He also has high blood pressure and must undergo medications to normalize the production of his thyroid hormones.

Unfortunately, the cure the doctors advised him did not help while he spent a lot of money and time with it. Losing hope, Tom decided to dig deeper to discover the causes of hypothyroidism.  As a fitness and health researcher and with good background on functional medicine, Tom found out that hypothyroidism is mainly caused by the food we eat.

Tom compiled his research, experimented on different diet programs minus the medications and drugs and applied these to himself. Finally, Tom got cured. He found the exact diet program and lifestyle that can prevent the process of hypothyroidism. From then on, anyone who followed Tom’s diet program accordingly got cured. And this is how Hypothyroidism Revolution came about.

What Is Hypothyroidism Revolution?

Hypothyroidism Revolution as its title emphasizes is the revolutionary way of eliminating the root causes of hypothyroidism. By following its intensive diet program, you can permanently get the treatment naturally. It does not promote any type of drugs or use of medical technology which some programs encourage. Put it simply, this is the most holistic and natural approach in helping people to stop their suffering from hypothyroidism.

The hypothyroidism revolution program has three goals:

  1. To allow you to heal yourself by following the program religiously.
  2. To teach you how to permanently prevent the occurrence of the condition; and
  3. To help you get back on track and enjoy your life.

However, as its ad say, this is not a quick, magic relief that can provide you instant cure in just a matter of days. The recovery would be slow but surely. That means you have to follow the instructions in details for weeks to eliminate all the potential factors that are causing you the condition. You also have to maintain what you learn from the program to avoid relapse.

Hypothyroidism Revolution Content

Basically, Hypothyroidism Revolution is all about the use of natural methods of invigorating your thyroid glands with proper food and diet without resorting to any harmful synthetic drugs. It highlights 3 main phases to teach you on how you can beat hypothyroidism without any slim chance of recurrence.

There are three phases of the program:

 - Phase 1. The Right Thyroid Healing Diet

Here you will learn the things that can be causing you hypothyroidism including on how to have a healthy lifestyle. You will also be taught how to choose the right food to help your thyroid function normally.

 - Phase 2. Accelerating Your Results

You will learn the three essential nutrients that can reverse the imbalance of hormones in your body and accelerate the production of thyroid hormones up to its normal level.

 - Phase 3. How to Protect and Strengthen Your Achievements

This part will teach you how to maintain the foundation which you have learned from Phase 1 and 2.

What You Can Learn Particularly From the Program

  • Functions of the thyroid and causes of hypothyroidism.
  • Foods that are responsible in causing you the condition.
  • Common nutrient belief that contributes to the worsening of hypothyroidism.
  • How to shift your diet to the program’s diet without causing you stress and hunger.
  • The three types of food that can suppress thyroid toxins.
  • The types of sugars that can benefit your thyroid.
  • The foods that you can be sensitive or allergic to and how to avoid them.
  • Three most common remedies that can be damaging to your thyroid’s functions.
  • The things that people usually do that hamper treatment for hypothyroidism.
  • The healthiest foods that can provide you utmost energy and improving the function of your thyroid glands.
  • Food recipes that would ultimately provide your system with thyroid enhancing minerals.
  • Food recipes that that could correct your hormonal imbalance.
  • The nutrients that can eliminate toxic hormones.
  • The nutrients that can help you feel relaxed, healthy and productive all the way.
  • The connection between unnecessary diet programs and hypothyroidism.
  • Weight loss regimen that can damage your thyroid hormonal process.
  • Cookbook with 48 tasty and healthy recipes to cure your condition.
  • Meal plans to keep you eating and not to lose nutrients in your body.
  • Shopping list with diversified meal plans on budget mode.
  • How to compute the right serving size to keep your body healthy.
  • Tool to track the progress of your thyroid function.
  • Check list to track symptoms of the condition.

Does Hypothyroidism Revolution Really Work?

Based from the reviews of those who found permanent relief from this program, this really work and will not cause any harm to your body in any way. It is very safe and everything is natural particularly the recommended food. For those who did not find cure of their hyperthyroidism with their doctors but eventually cured by the program, this program proves its legitimacy.

However, you have to take the program seriously and follow the rules as it recommends. If you would try this only for days and abandon it, you are bound to fail. To help more people, this program is created with very concise presentation, easy to understand step-by-step instructions that everybody could easily comprehend and follow.

Pros Of Hypothyroidism Revolution

  • The pain that most sufferers feel each morning can be relieved.
  • Depression and anxiety can be eliminated while making you feel more relaxed but not feeling sluggish.
  • Your physical appearance can glow due to balanced hormonal processes.
  • The risk of developing heart disease will be greatly reduced as well as cancer and autoimmune ailments.
  • You will have sharper memory and mental clarity.
  • It can keep your weight well-maintained.
  • You will be able to identify the foods that you must avoid and those that can help you normalize your thyroid hormones.

Cons Of Hypothyroidism Revolution

  • The scientific evidence to prove that the program would work cannot be viewed unless you purchase the program.
  • The website promises very little support unless you pay for the program.
  • The program can take some time before good results occur.
  • You have to modify a lot in your diet which can be difficult for some people.

Cost Of Hypothyroidism Revolution?

You have two options in purchasing the program, either you buy the Hypothyroidism Revolution the digital version or the hard copy with some perks.

If you buy the digital form, this will cost you $97 which used to be $287. The good thing with the digital form is you can access the program anytime with your gadgets.

If you want to have the hard copy, you can order it from the website and pay $127 plus $4.95 for the shipping if you live in the United States. For international order, an additional $18.95 would be needed for the shipping. You will also get a CD version of the program along with the package and an instant access to the program. Before the promo, this hard copy costs $347.


Hypothyroidism Revolution offers no drugs, no supplements or medications and this is good news. It’s all about natural food and customizing your meal plans to prevent you from eating toxic foods that may be aggravating your condition. It will also teach you how to replace your favorite food so that what you eat would be thyroid-friendly.

Also, this program will reveal to you the secrets on how to avoid the toxic foods that can make your condition worse and identifies the food that enable your thyroid to stabilize and pump out more helpful hormones. With all these presented in the program, we strongly agree that this can be the best and final cure for hypothyroidism.

So many people now have acknowledged the legitimacy and usefulness of the program. They have finally found their total relief. After you purchase the program, follow the rules and the symptoms remain after 60 days, you will get your refund – guaranteed. So for us, this product really sounds legit and worth a try especially if you start losing hope in curing your hypothyroidism.

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Hypothyroidism Revolution By Tom Brimeyer

Regular Price : $177! $147!

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