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The FroKnowsPhoto Guide review to DSLR Video is a 6-hour-long video course that provides comprehensive information on how to get the most out of a DSLR’s video capability.

The course is designed for videographers of any level, from those who are just starting out with video or seasoned professionals who’d like to take their videography to the next level.

The information in the guide can be used to learn how to shoot video with DSLR in any situation. It comes in a FrowKnowsPhoto download or in DVD form.

The FroKnowsPhoto guide takes a lot of information and consolidates it into one place. There is plenty of free information out there on the Internet on how to shoot DSLR video.

However, much if it is low quality and it’s a painstaking task trying to sift through all that information just to find the truly valuable wisdom on how to shoot video with DSLR.

With the FroKnowsPhoto guide, you don’t have to waste all that time searching through low quality Internet video tutorials or blog posts.

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FroKnowsPhoto Overview

Fro Knows Photo 4The FroKnowsPhoto download comes with four different chapters focused on various aspects of videography. The first chapter starts with the basics and they incrementally get more advanced.

The first chapter goes over the basic equipment needed for videography and some information on how shutter speed works with video.

Chapter two goes more in depth on how a camera’s functions work within video; the exposure triangle of shutter speed, aperture and ISO are all covered here along with how use the camera when stabilized or in motion.

Chapter three covers some of the most important topics in the video series: a classic three-point lighting setup, composition and the 180 degree rule.

The fourth and final chapter has a crash course on directing and producing and includes four videos that puts all of the previous material of the guide into practice.

The four video examples show behind-the-scenes on a music video, a commercial interview, a short film and a YouTube production.

Also in the course is bonus material including secrets and tips on editing, information on creating successful YouTube videos and video homework assignments FroKnowsPhoto.


  • Shows how to setup lighting and has sections on composition and storytelling; not just how a camera’s video functions
  • Shows how to transition from shooting photography to shooting videography
  • Applies to ANY type of video
  • Has information that beginners and professionals alike can use
  • Full 6 hours of content for a relatively low price
    Information is all in one place so less time is wasted trying to
  • learn concepts from many different sources
  • Both cheap and expensive cameras are used in the making of the guide so that anyone can learn how to shoot DSLR video regardless of budget. Several recommendations are made for professional level cameras but they also give recommendations on equivalent yet cheaper gear.


  • 6 hours is a long time for a video guide and it can be overwhelming taking all that information in and applying it
  • Some may be annoyed by Jared Polin’s personality or his use of catch-phrases
  • It’s done in an “infotainment” style – there’s a lot of great information in the guide but some may not like the joke cracking and just want to learn
  • Professional videographers will certainly get plenty of new information out of this product but also it will review a lot things they probably already know

Fro Knows Photo 2

Who is This FroKnowsPhoto For?

This FroKnowsPhoto product is for anyone who wants to start making videos, videography enthusiasts and current professionals.

For complete beginners, this course teaches from the complete basics to shooting professional level videos. Hobbyists and enthusiasts can learn how to get a more professional outcome from it.

For professionals, there will be plenty of information to reinforce the knowledge they already have, maybe remind them of some concepts they’ve forgotten about and new information to take their videography to the next level of professionalism.

This FroKnowsPhoto guide will also be very useful for photographers looking to transition to videography or include it in their skill set.

In addition, any level of videographer will take home some new insights on video post-production.

The FroKnowsPhoto Conclusion

The FroKnowsPhoto Guide to DSLR Video has so much information packed within it that videographers of any skill level will take home several new concepts.

A videographer could go from complete beginner to launching a career with this guide’s information; it’s that all-encompassing.

Overall, this FroKnowsPhoto download is loaded with a wealth of information and is a great value for the price FroKnowsPhoto.

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