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Darkest Days By Alec Deacon

Blackout USA is a progressive system that has been developed by Alec Deacon. The system can help you protect yourself against the greatest risk to be confronted ever by the mankind. This risk can be powerful enough to wipe out a major part of the inhabitants if the United States. Despite several notices offered by NASA, we appear to disregard the crucial information being received from broad communications. Sun-powered flares can wipe us out of any power that we possess. These flares have been trying to hit the Earth for a long time. However, these were so small to the point that these did not represent a massive danger.

Imagine a scenario in which these flares would one day hit the earth and broil each electrical machine, force station and destroy every substance on the Earth. Would it not be great if one was arranged and protected rather than cry over spilt milk? Alec Deacon realized this and developed BlackOut USA for the very same reason so that one can remain protected to fight times that cannot be predicted.

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What Does BlackOut USA Offer?

BlackOut USA lets you discover all the advantages that you can reap by following certain measures in case a sun based tempest ever happened to reach the earth and disrupt the entire system. BlackOut USA [Darkest Days] is an out of the box survivalist program that has been developed by Alec Deacon with guidance from Charles Green.

If information obtained from NASA is referred, there exists a period of sun oriented cycle, when the sun encounters brutal action. During an enormous flare, an electromagnetic pulse is generated which can reach earth’s atmosphere. This pulse has the potential to cut off the electrical network as well as every single electronic gadget. This may land us back in the Dark Ages and we may have to face monetary breakdown, sustenance deficiencies, and the likelihood of mass pandemic as well as mass plundering. Furthermore, EMP can be lamentably man-made. Darkest Days is all about surviving an EMP event and it can prove to be useful during any scenario irrespective of being a natural phenomenon or a debacle induced by man.

What Expertise Does The Author Hold in Offering a Survival Guide?

Alec Deacon is the editor of Survivopedia.com as well as the author of best seller “Backyard Liberty”. He has spent two decades in researching and specializing in the wilderness and rural survival. Deacon has explained details about survival essentials during any disaster in his works which includes home protection, farming, bugging-out, supply-sacking and other skills necessary for survival.

How Was The Guide Developed?

There is an interesting story about how Deacon developed the Darkest Days survival manual. Deacon is a respected and well-known figure in the prepper community. He has spent years of his life in researching about EMP preparedness. This is how he got in touch with Professor Charles Green who is himself a prepper as well as a physicist. Professor Green has spent two years with the Amish community. It is more of a religious group that shuns all the modern comforts and maintains a humble way of life. This kind of living can be dated back to around three hundred years. Professor Green learned ways in which one can survive in a post-EMP world.

The Darkest Days comprises of the Amish secrets that can help one survive after an EMP attack without much hassles. He learnt how one can store food without any fridge. Amish have a secret that helps them in storing medicines that are heat sensitive. These secrets discovered by Green can prove out to be immensely beneficial in case of EMP attack or during any calamity that disrupts normal living. Deacon and Green senses a huge opportunity in offering survival techniques that can prove to be life-saving. Hence they teamed up for developing their survival guide which incorporates the techniques learnt by Green and Deacon during their years of research.

What Does This Program Offer?

The Darkest Days is available in a downloadable format as well as a hard copy. This guide incorporates the most intriguing things that would shield you and your family from the impact of an EMP event. Amish strategies for safeguarding food and medicine have been covered in the guide. You get to learn how to live under the radar with this guide so that you can remain protected and unnoticed in a calamity strikes your nation. Two bonuses are offered with this guide: “How to make your Own Pharmacy” and “Off Grid Home Protection Systems”. The second bonus report comprises of vital information that can help you defend your home from looters. “How to make your Own Pharmacy” is a definitive solution guide. It is an exceptional survival guide that offer natural cures and common treatment choices. The solution covers tips of preparing as well as storing medicines.

Pros Of Darkest Days

  • Consists of step-by-step instruction on collecting a gadget that would shield your devices from EMP
  • The guide highlights five crucial electronic devices that you would require after an EMP event.
  • Amish secrets have been listed in the guide that would prevent spoilage of food and medicine when your refrigerator would not be functioning
  • The guide lists seven must-have food supplies and medicines that you need to have during an EMP event.
  • Comprises of information about keeping your family under the radar during an EMP event so that violent and hungry looters would not notice your presence and attack you.
  • Consists information about how to ensure that your car runs even after the engine circuits have been impacted by EMP.
  • Consists of proven home protection traps and strategies that will keep any looter away from your home.
  • Offers tips about how you can keep your appliances running while the power grid is down.
  • Additional guides
  • Additional guides
  • Tips applicable to everyday life scenarios
  • A product of experience and research
  • Available in both digital and hard-copy formats
  • Risk-free investment
  • Customer support is offered for resolving any queries
  • Simple to comprehend and saves time as well as money
  • The guide is portable which implies that you can use it on any portable device such as smart-phone or any Windows PC device.

Cons Of Darkest Days

  • The only con is that would an EMP catastrophe ever strike the world
  • Benefits are dependent on how closely the instructions are followed
  • The guide is not available in stores.

Is Darkest Days Really Worth Your Money?

The Darkest Days comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Although people may not believe in the rumors associated with EMP catastrophes, the guide can still prove out to be beneficial in case of any emergency. A refund guarantee is offered by the writer for their course. You can read all the material and then decide whether the content is worth your time and money or not. This seems to be a generous offer from the authors. You need to consider investing your time and money in this offering as the final decision about the survival guide vests in your hands. The course seems to be beneficial and a step-by-step approach has been offered in the guide which makes it quite easy to comprehend. You can request for a full refund if the guide fails to live up to your expectations within sixty days from the date of purchase.


The Darkest Days is a comprehensive survival manual that comprises of vital information, methods and concepts pertaining to survival during any attack. This guide lists down strategies for protecting your home from brutal looters in case of any violent attack. The best thing about this manual is that it will equip you for any kind of EMP attack. This guide will help you and your family to cope up with any disaster. The additional manuals offered will help you learn how to make your own medicines and consists of DIY remedies which can be easily made at home. The second free offering Off-Grid Home Protection System tells you how to develop simple devices that can shield your appliances from the impacts of an EMP event. The applications of the guide are not limited to an EMP attack. The methods and concepts listed in the manual can as well be used during daily living. You can develop safe and effective home remedies at home and you do not really have to wait for an EMP attack for trying these remedies. You would be glad if you purchased this survival guide. Millions of people around the world have used and benefitted immensely by utilizing the information contained in this survival manual. It is risk free and is not a scam. You can always request for a refund for the product if you are not satisfied by what is being offered. 100% money back guarantee hints that the product is legitimate.

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