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Bikini Body Workouts Review

Hi there and welcome to our review on the Bikini Body Workouts program by Jen Ferruggia.

Like always, this review will be divided into three main parts:

1. The basics section which can help you to understand better what the Bikini Body Workouts program is all about.

2. The section about the pros and cons of Bikini Body Workouts which will cover several of the primary advantages and disadvantages of this program.

3. The conclusions section where we talk about our final thoughts and feelings regarding Jen Ferruggia’s system.

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Bikini Body Workouts The Basics

Bikini Body Workouts (also known as the “Bikini Body System”) is a workout program that was developed by Jen Ferruggia, an NPC Fitness and Figure participant, past college softball player, and holder of a B.S. degree in Exercise Movement Science. In simple words, this fitness program has been designed to assist women with getting that “bikini body” which they so desire in only a few weeks, and without losing their desirable feminine curves, having to spend endless hours in the gym or depriving themselves of all of their favorite foods.

Generally, you can follow the Bikini Body Workouts program either in the gym or in the comforts of your own home, and the exercises that are part of this program should be followed 4 days per week for 90 days total (Every workout session takes only 45 minutes or less to complete).

Simply put, strength training is the science that backs this program. Jen Ferruggia explains that what is so great about strength training is that it’s a proven way to boost your resting metabolic rate. This means that after you finished your workout session you can sit on the couch for several hours and your body will still continue to burn calories off…

So, what is included in the Bikini Body System by Jen Ferruggia? Well, in short, the following are some of the most important things that you will find in this program:

  • The main exercise guide that provides you with all the details that you need to perform each of the exercises correctly (resting periods, repetitions and sets).
  • The nutrition guide that helps ensuring you will continue to burn fat all throughout the day. Here you will find exactly when and what to eat for best results.
  • You are also provided with a comprehensive shopping list to ensure that you just purchase foods which are truly “figure-friendly” and healthy.
  • Jen Ferruggia also provides you with a list of the best dietary supplements you can use that will make a big impact on how you look and feel.
  • The Bikini Body System also includes step-by-step videos that feature Jen where she shows you how to perform each exercise correctly so that you can maximize your results with the program.
  • There is also a ton of information about effective workouts that you can do to burn three times the amount of fat in only one-third of the time, and much more…
  • Just to recap, investing in the Bikini Body Workouts program will provide you with demonstration videos, home workout guide, nutrition guide, shopping list, gym guide, “booty blast guide”, and a supplement guide

Pros Of Bikini Body Workouts

Credible Fitness Expert

What is really great about this program’s creator, Jen Ferruggia, is that unlike so many of the “so-called experts” out there, she really does have the necessary experience and knowledge to be able to create an effective fitness program such as this one. Jen graduated from William Paterson University with a B.S. in Exercise Movement Science, and was a standout softball player there as well. Last May, she also participated in her first ever NPC fitness competition.

These credentials are very important and they can give you peace of mind that you are getting high quality information here from a woman you can trust.


In our opinion, one of the best things about the Bikini Body system is just how flexible it is. Whether a woman happens to be an employee, student, entrepreneur or a full-time mom, she can still benefit from the Bikini Body Workouts program. This is simply because the program can be performed anyplace that is convenient – in the gym, park, beach or at home.

An Affordable Choice

With all of the positive testimonials that we have seen online and everything that is included in this program, we think this program could easily carry a higher price tag. However, it doesn’t. The cost of the Bikini Body Workouts system is under $30, making it an excellent option for women searching for an effective yet affordable workout program online.

Delivers Results

The program’s exercises are fun and pretty short, however they are very effective as well. If you can dedicate around 45 minutes per day, four times per week, then you should be able to benefit greatly from this program.

Jen’s very impressive body is probably the best proof for the effectiveness of this program. There
are also plenty of real “before and after” photos of very satisfied clients posted at the official Bikini Body Workouts website, among other sites online.

Easy To Follow

Jen Ferruggia explains that the Bikini Body Workouts program has been specially designed for the average women with zero to minimal experience working out. As a result, the detailed guides and helpful demo videos make it very easy to perform the exercises and to avoid any mistake when following the program.

60-Day Money Back Guarantee Is Provided

Jen Ferruggia is obviously very confident in the effectiveness of her program, since she is willing to give you all of your money back within the first 60 days if you aren’t happy with your results. This gives you the freedom to take the Bikini Body System on a “test drive”

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Cons Of Bikini Body Workouts

You Need To Have Some Basic Exercise Equipment

For some exercises recommended in the Bikini Body Workouts program you are going to need basic equipment. For example, you will need a chair, resistance band and dumbbells.

However, if needing to buy some equipment is making you feel a bit hesitant about purchasing this program, you really need to just think of this as an investment. Also, keep in mind that it isn’t necessary to have a gym membership or have a personal instructor, so the money you save on those things can instead be used to buy the workout equipment that you need.

Recommendations For Specific Supplement Brands

Specific dietary supplement brands are recommended by Jen Ferruggia inside the program. Although we aren’t really worried about the safeness or effectiveness of these products, we do want to point out that you might want to shop around to find alternatives that can be more affordable for you. We say that because some of recommendations inside the supplement guide are not cheap at all.

The Bikini Body System Is Available In Digital Format Only

There are currently no hard copies available of the Bikini Body System. If you do decide to buy the program, you will be able to download the guides directly onto your computer and to view the demo videos online. Depending on your own preferences, this may or may not be a con for you.


Just like any other workout program for women, “Bikini Body Workouts” has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is certainly not the right fitness system for every woman.

Having said that, there are many things to love about this program by Jen Ferruggia, and we personally really like the flexibility that it offers. Whether you are a student, employee, entrepreneur or a full-time mom, this program can probably fit your schedule since it can be performed almost anywhere you want and it only requires you to exercise around 45 minutes a day, four times a week.

In addition, the facts that this fitness program was created by a credible expert in the industry, that it comes at a very reasonable price, and that everything Jen describes is very easy to understand thanks to her great demo videos, are all great advantages that most women will appreciate.

All in all, we will recommend any woman that is trying to get a “bikini body” naturally and without making too many sacrifices, to give the Bikini Body Workouts system a shot. After all, if you will not be satisfied with the results of the program or with the workouts that Jen Ferruggia teaches, then you have 60 days to demand a full refund Bikini Body Workouts.

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Bikini Body Workouts By Jen Ferruggia

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