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Bar Brothers System By Lazar And Dusan

This review of the Bar Brothers system will explore what this unique kind of training is all about and what it can do for you. Here you will learn all the benefits, pros and cons of the program as well as who it is for.

This kind of street workout plan guarantees excellent results but it may not be for everyone.

The bodyweight workouts on bars require determination and commitment every day for one hour, but if you are prepared to stick to it, you can obtain above average results.

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About Lazar And Dusan

The Bar Brothers system is the creation of Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic.

They are professional calisthenics and street workout trainers who developed this unique training system that requires just one or two bars to implement.

The same system transformed their own bodies into chiselled and carved muscular physiques with outstanding body-weight to power ratio, making it possible to perform all sorts of gravity defying feats, like gymnasts.

As in all calisthenics, the rigor and toughness of the workouts also have a positive effect in mental confidence and, according to the authors, even in the way people relate to you.

While making the program, they thought of young people with limited budget to access a gym or buy home equipment, or people simply interest in bodyweight and street workouts, or young guys who wanted to improve their physique and confidence, say to beat bullying for instance, but without much money to invest.

So Bar Brothers was created in a viable digital format that anyone interested in improving his/her physique and confidence, but with a limited budget, can access in the world with an internet connection and a one time, small investment fee, no need for CD deliveries.

It is fair to say that while the program is designed by two young guys and most of the clientele is young brothers and sisters, there are also people in their 60s who successfully train with this calisthenics method.

What Is The Bar Brothers System?

The Bar Brothers system is a unique method of street workouts based on the use of your own body weight with one or two bars at most.

It is designed to get a muscular and shredded physique with terrific increase in physical and mental strength and excellent bodyweight to strength ratio.

It can be roughly described as something similar to a gymnast’s rings routines, but instead of the rings you use bars. It captures the essence of bodyweight training and street workouts with a nod to gymnastics.

Does it sound though? It is. Is It Effective? You bet, calisthenics are very effective, providing that you follow the program correctly.

Bar Brothers System Results

What can you expect from this program? This kind of street workouts is simple but demanding. Simple does not mean easy, as the routines are tough to perform and require proper conditioning and dedication.

They really are demanding physically and mentally, and require an adjustment period with a strict 6 day/ week schedule for 12 weeks, one hour for each workout. So you need to be disciplined.

This means this program may not be for everyone, as regular weight training also yields results but requires less initial priming.

But if you want to go the all natural way, be minimalist and not spend money on gym membership or any fancy home equipment, this is the way to go.

The results achievable are quite impressive both in terms of physique and mental confidence, and this training method is sustainable for life, as you can train anywhere without a worry about equipment, once you know how to do it.

Bar Brothers System Global Community

Actually, the program really includes sisters as well, as it is designed for everyone.

The program brotherhood definition is a nod to its social roots and commitment to spread globally across cultures, genders and walks of life, helping regular guys and gals get in the best possible shape that nature intended for them.

It’s a kind of global movement, aside from being a workout and calisthenics program.

It is set up with a nice brotherhood and sisterhood feel to help skinny or fat guys and gals from all walks of life get in shape in the most effective, natural and also cheapest possible way.

It is a digital program easily accessible through a private control panel so you can carry it with you anywhere on your smartphone, watch the videos and get straight into training.

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The Bar Brothers Workout Plan

The program is divided into 3 four-week phases and scheduled through 12 weeks, each week with a different color workout chart.

The first week you have to self-assess your abilities as the starting point of your progress and also learn how to properly warm up before a workout in order to prevent injury. Then you follow through the remaining weeks, day by day.

  • Each day there is a video demonstrating how to perform a particular exercise, you watch and then do it.
  • 140 demonstration videos in total – The videos are short but to the point, from 50 secs to 2 minutes each.
  • Information on different body types to assess your strong points or limitations.
  • Nutritional information on how to make pre-workout shakes and what to eat, proteins and carbs.
  • Information on mistakes to avoid while performing calisthenics.
  • 12th week self assessment to cross check with the 1st week test in order to work out how much you have improved.

Bar Brothers System PDF And Components

First off, before you get a private control panel to access the program on your phone, tablet or PC, you make a one-off payment program and not a monthly pay kind of thing.First off, before you get a private control panel to access the program on your phone, tablet or PC, you make a one-off payment program and not a monthly pay kind of thing.

The program was designed for people who do not want or cannot spend money in a gym or home equipment, let alone monthly installment.  Right now it is $47, but it may or may not change in the future, you can check it out in the Bar Brothers official website here.

Upon purchase you are given your login details and then redirected to a page with 4 choices:

• The System – this is the workout system you have just purchased with all the materials and it’s all you need. You simply click the “Access Now‘ button.

The other 3 option are just upgrades that you can enroll to later on and only if you want to, once you have already finished the basic system, which is as good as it gets anyway and you may not need the upgrades at all. However, just for your information the upgrades are:

• The System Accelerator – Which deals with more advanced workouts and is the natural continuation of the basic system.

• The Freestyle Moves – This is a very advanced freestyle blueprint possible to implement only if you have been through the system drills.

• Bar Brothers Family – This is an optional support group for anyone who wishes to join.

So to recap, you only click the system “access now” button. There you are presented with all the workouts material by Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic. Here is what you get right on the presentation.

• An Introduction with the author detailing the basics.

• What you need for the workouts and how to track your progress.

• Explanation of the program detailing the calendar and the workout charts (more on this below) and download links.

• Workout tips to execute the exercises correctly.

• The nutritional guidelines, what you need to eat.

Pros Of Bar Brothers

  • Minimalist and effective – bar Brothers seems to have been designed to satisfy a wide range of different requirements that it is normally difficult to put together. It is cheap to buy and does not need a gym or workout equipment except a bar or two, it forges your body and mind.
  • Flexible and practical – Being a kind of street workout, can be implemented anywhere, at home, in a park, in the street or while traveling.
  • Suitable for most people – The program is designed for everyone, young, older, men and women and for all levels of fitness.
  • High quality videos by the authors – The videos are the backbone of the program, they show you exactly what to do and how.
  • Convenient – Digital online program instantly available on your mobile device. You can take it with you at the park or anywhere to do your workouts.
  • Easy To Follow – The layout is well organized and the instructions, tips and information are clear. The private control dashboard is easy to navigate.
  • Good Value – The program is meant to be as affordable as it is effective. Upgrades are only optional and of course, there is no need to spend money on gym membership or expensive home equipment.
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee – The professional authors have made it possible to get a refund should something not be satisfactory and for your peace of mind.

Cons Of Bar Brothers

  • It may not be suitable for some – Even though it was designed for everyone, the fact is that the workouts and the schedule involved are not a walk in the park. If this kind of bodyweight training is too tough for you or require too much regular commitment, then a more traditional 3 day a week regular weight resistance program with machines, barbells and dumbbells may do the job. That also works.
  • Requires Daily Commitment – This goes hand in hand with the above point. You still need an hour per day of super tough workouts to do, that is 6 hours a week. If your time is limited you may want to settle for a less demanding 3 hours a week with a different program.

Closing Thoughts

The Bar Brothers is one of the best street workout programs around, particularly for its effectiveness, simple format and layout. The 140 videos speak thousands words and explain visually what you are supposed to do.

Lazar Novovic and Dusan Djolevic took up street workouts culture up to a new professional level with the purpose to help anyone interested in this kind of training. They did so with a viable plan that comes in digital format and is convenient to follow from anywhere on your smartphone.

The program has also a strong social and motivational identity, spurring young people to be the best they can be and encouraging them to push through what seems impossible.

The results achievable with this top quality bodyweight program are impressive, but you must be dedicated, determined and disciplined in life. One hour commitment a day is the standard.

Bar Brothers can benefit anyone regardless of age, gender and starting fitness level, shooting many pigeons with one stone in that is very effective, affordable and easy to follow.

A very important aspect is that it does not require much equipment at all except a bar or two, so you can train anywhere. It also has a nice brotherhood feeling of belonging with its in-house global social community. It is not just a workout program but also a way of life.

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Bar Brothers By Lazar And Dusan

Regular Price : $77! $57!

Today For Just $47!

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